The Big God Story

Most of us can remember Bible stories from Sunday School lessons growing up, but how many of us have ever been shown how those stories are interconnected? That they are not just a collection of stories, but rather all part of one big story that God is telling.  A redemption story.  Michelle Anthony, author of The Big God Story, has found a way to connect the stories of the Bible for children and to show how we are all a part of God’s story.  I’ve been teaching my Sunday School classes from this macro perspective for about two years now and last Sunday was a review lesson.  I asked the kids if they could tell me the Big God Story and amazingly they did so from start to finish.  It was so gratifying to see that they have been able to grasp the bigger picture I’ve been painting little by little all this time. This video tells the Big God Story in 10 minutes and is worth watching if you’ve ever wondered how all the stories fit together.  It’s especially fun to watch if you’re a kid.

Spa Montage Beverly Hills

Spa MontageMy job is one of the shining examples of God’s grace in my life and a large part of that is due to the amazing people He has surrounded me with. I have the privilege of working alongside such smart and dedicated people.  The day-to-day planning and execution of media campaigns under tight deadlines is a stressful gig but I have the most wonderful team, without whom my work would not succeed.  I strive to always make a point to show them how much they mean to me but sometimes the only way to properly show your appreciation for someone is to give them an extravagant experience.  Spa Montage was the perfect place since it’s just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from our office in Beverly Hills. It was the type of experience they’d never give themselves and a perfect way to end a stressful day.  If you’re looking for extra special holiday gift ideas for clients, coworkers, friends and loved ones in Los Angeles, look no further than Spa Montage.

Spa Montage

{Spa entrance}

Spa Montage

{the locker room is equipped with adorable sconces}Spa Montage

{if you forget your suit, they hand out disposable bikinis so you can still enjoy the jacuzzi}


BestiaLast week I hosted a client dinner at Bestia, which has quickly become one of LA’s hottest restaurants. It’s a diamond in the rough, with its warehouse exterior and downtown LA location. The food is top-notch Italian and they are known for the melt-in-your-mouth pork chop, which I can attest is pretty delicious.  My favorite dish above all else was the Burrata Pizza though, hands down the best pizza I’ve had in a while.



All Dressed Up

all dressed upLuke and I got all dressed up for Erin’s wedding. Luckily that meant we only had to go as far as digging into the backs of our closets.  It’s pretty funny when “all dressed up” constitutes jeans and a button down shirt but if you only knew how hard it is to get Luke out of shorts and sandals!  My dress is that one you have that you just love so much you never throw away.  I’ve owned it for nearly a decade and a half but it always seems to fit the occasion. The pretty gold chiffon with the teal slip makes for one of my favorite color combinations.

All dressed up

{I love this shot inside the Santa Barbara Courthouse}

All Dressed up

{Adrianna Papell dress, Tory Burch clutch, Zara scarf}

Luke and Me

Wedding Weekend

Santa Barbara WeddingJeff’s youngest daughter, Erin, got married in Santa Barbara this weekend. It was an intimate ceremony at the courthouse followed by a brunch at Cielito on State Street. The reception was the following evening at a friend’s home in the valley.  Here are a few of my favorite moments.Father of the Bride

{Father of the Bride}


{The Groom}

Father of the Bride

{Here Comes the Bride}

Santa Barbara Courthouse

{The Venue- The Santa Barbara Courthouse}


{Sister and Mother of the Bride}

Grandma & Grandpa

{Grandma and Grandpa of the Bride}


{Brother of the Bride}


{the Ceremony}

Bride and Groom

{Married Bliss}

Kiss the Bride

{Kiss the Bride}


{Santa Barbara views}

Luke & Mema

{Pre-Wedding moment}

Happily Ever After

{Happily Ever After}

Mercer Kitchen

Mercer KitchenI found myself feeling really disappointed on my latest trip to NYC when my favorite restaurant, ABC Kitchen, was all booked up. I looked up other restaurants by Chef Jean Georges in hopes of finding something that would at least be a close second. Enter The Mercer Kitchen, a lovely restaurant located in the basement of a historical building in Soho. The food was so delicious it was hard for me to stop eating the appetizers to make room for my main course.  The ricotta with fig jam and the truffle and mushroom pizzette were my faves.  I was so excited to find a place that rivals the food and the ambiance of ABC Kitchen. Of course it had to be the common chef denominator. Thank you Jean-Georges!

Mercer KitchenMercer Kitchen

Autumn in New York

Autumn in NYLast week I found myself back in the Big Apple for meetings and the weather was glorious. Autumn in New York is one of the best experiences in the world and if you can find yourself there when the weather happens to be above 60° as I did, it is unexpected grace.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.

Autumn in NY

{Lower East Side morning}

LES views

LES Views

{views from the Sixty LES}


{Bustling street outside NYU}


{Soho Biker}

PHD View

{Downtown.  View from PHD, the rooftop of Dream Hotel}

Win Some, You Lose Some

Flag FootballLuke’s team made a valiant effort at last week’s flag football game but lost to Valley Presbyterian. Being their first loss of the season, it was a valuable lesson for Luke that you win some, you lose some but what’s important is how you play the game. He played hard so I was proud.  Jeff captured some really great shots with our Nikon.

Flag Football

{not on my watch. #blocking}

Flag FootballCheering

BlockingGood game

{good game}

Flag Football

{the look of defeat}


Master Chief

Master ChiefFor Halloween this year Luke was Halo’s Master Chief. We did our typical trick or treating with our neighborhood friends while Mema held down the fort at home. It was a lovely night to be out, which made us extra thankful to live in Southern California.

Trick or Treat

{Scream character and Zombie Hunter made for scary trick or treat pals}

Master Chief

{I can’t believe how big he is getting}


{Mema hosts trick or treaters at home while we walk around the neighborhood}

Halloween 2015

{sweet moment}