San Francisco Moments

San FranciscoMy whirlwind of a travel month has finally slowed down just in time for the Fourth of July holiday.  I realized I had not really taken much time to document anything from the last few trips to San Francisco on the blog.  Here is a collection of some of my favorite San Francisco moments.

Park Tavern Floor{The beautiful mosaic floor at Park Tavern just as the light hits it is the best welcome mat}

Church of Saints{The Church of Saints in Washington Square Park is awe inspiring at dusk}

Office View{The view from my workspace one morning}

The Grove{Bustling vibe at The Grove, Yerba Buena}

SF Night{My bedtime view}

Ed Sheeran

Ed SheeranLast year, when my clients told me they were excited about tickets to Ed Sheeran I was like “Ed who?” What a difference a year makes! Ed Sheeran is now one of the artists I most look forward to hearing on the radio and last week I hosted clients to see him perform at the Hollywood Bowl.  He is a unique performer because he does everything himself via this foot synthesizer contraption that allows him to loop beats and build upon the songs as he’s playing them.  His passion and energy are contagious and of course his music just makes you feel good.

Ed SheeranHollywood Bowl Ed SheeranEd Sheeran Hollywood BowlEd Sheeran

Pray For Bailey

Pray for BaileyOn Saturday we were invited to a prayer vigil at Zuma Beach in Malibu for a 2-year-old girl named Bailey. Bailey was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer, a year ago and doctors had recently taken her off of all medication and said there was nothing further that they could do to stop the cancer.  She has been in an extraordinary amount of pain, so much so that she has not been able to even play with her toys.  Friends of the family, church members and even strangers, such as ourselves, showed up to offer support.  It was a beautiful time.  We sang songs, we heard testimonies, we witnessed Bailey’s mother get baptized in the ocean, and our friend, Justice Coleman, Pastor of Freedom Church in Chatsworth, offered a compelling message on the hope we have in Christ.  Together, we lifted our voices in faith and desperation to the God of the universe, the creator of Heaven and Earth and asked Him for a miracle.  Some struggled in their hearts to ask for a miracle because “what if God doesn’t heal Bailey?” then that might bring further devastation to the family for giving them false hope.  I understand this fear but I also know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond whatever we could ask or think.  I have witnessed miracles and I have witnessed tragedy and there has been no secret prayer formula for either.  I have the gift of childlike faith, which means it is simple for me to just ask God for things big or small and believe He can do them, much like one might ask their Father for something.  He may say yes, he may say no, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  For me, it all comes down to asking because the Bible says “you have not because you ask not”.   So hundreds of us asked, in faith, submitting to the will of God as sovereign, but asking that He show His power in the life of this little one believing that He alone can.  The most beautiful part of the evening was when we played Bailey’s favorite song “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen.  She was listening from inside the RV in the parking lot adjacent to the beach.  There was a little girl in front of us who belted out the words as loud as her little lungs could muster and there was something so pure in that moment. One little girl singing her heart out to another little girl a common song they both knew by heart. I cried.  Sunday morning, Bailey awoke and for the first time in a long time she asked to play with her toys, a beautiful sign that her pain had subsided at least long enough to give her respite and enjoy being two for a little while.  Please pray for Bailey.

Pray for BaileyPray for BaileyBaileyPray for BaileyJesus SavesLukePray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for BaileyPray for Bailey{Luke made the mistake of jumping in the waves with his clothes on which made for a long cold night for him}

Sauteed Chicken with Spinach and Mushrooms

Chicken sauteeThis dish requires no recipe and takes less than half hour, even if you’re using frozen chicken breasts (which I did). Literally heat a couple tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, sautee an onion with a teaspoon of garlic until the onion is browned. Set aside and add chicken breasts to the pan. Squeeze lime juice over them and cook through. Set aside the chicken breasts and heat some mushrooms in a bit of oil until browned, then add spinach until it turns bright green. Assemble and serve for a quick weeknight family meal.

chicken sautee

Wild Kratts

Wild KrattsLuke and I went to a “Wild Kratts” birthday party for one of his classmates. If you’re unfamiliar with “Wild Kratts” it is an animal show on PBS where the Kratt brothers teach kids animal facts while introducing you to real creatures and then parlay the video into a cartoon version of themselves with episodic adventures.  There’s nothing kids pride themselves on more than animal trivia.  Luke constantly begins sentences with “Mom did you know..” usually followed by something like the “difference between cheetas and leopards” to which I always ask “where did you learn that?” and his answer is “I saw it on Wild Kratts”.  Anyway, this party came with a real animal keeper who brought a whole world of creatures with him, including a giant boa, which Luke enjoyed wearing like a fashion boa.

Wild Kratts{Tortoises, not to be confused with turtles, which live in water}

Wild KrattsSnakelace{Snakelace}

Kreation Kafe

Kreation KafeEvery now and then I stumble upon something new in LA that brings me joy. Kreation Pressed Juicery Kafe is my latest discovery. I literally stumbled upon it. I was actually walking (which no one does in LA) because I had unknowingly parked my car four blocks from my intended destination on 3rd street in West Hollywood. It was on my walk that I passed by this beautiful storefront and decided to go in.  It took me a minute to understand what the process was and what my options were.  They are most known for their detox cleanses, but since I wasn’t interested in that,  I ordered a custom Kale & banana and grabbed a pre-made “50 Shades of Green” juice for later.   I wish I could have stayed for lunch.  I can’t wait to go back and try their “Quinoa Chopped Salad”.

Kreation Mini tonics{I picked up a six-pack of mini tonics, with fun names like “laughter, sleep, antioxidant, antibiotic and feel better” as the perfect thank you gift for a co-worker}

Kreation Kafe{The ambiance was my favorite}

KreationKreation JuiceKreation{Juice shots}

Kreation Kafe

At The Playground

At The PlaygroundSome of my fondest childhood memories were at the playground- swings and see-saws, kickball games and slides, sand and bare feet.  The beauty of being a Mom is part of your job involves taking your child to the playground so I had the chance to revisit those childhood memories with Luke these past few Summer weeks.  I did notice that the swing squeaks a bit louder than I remember, but I guess that comes with the territory when you ignore the “children only” sign.  Lots of fun.

At The Playground

Universal Break

Universal BreakAs season pass holders at Universal Studios, we received an invitation to experience the new Fast and Furious Ride before it opened to the public. I took the day off Monday and invited Luke’s cousins to join us. We were all set with an 11am reservation and then the night before we received an email that our experience had been canceled because they were still working out technical difficulties for the ride. We decided not to disappoint the kids who had been looking forward to the day all weekend and when we got there they offered us “front of the line” passes to make up for the cancelation, which made it possible for the kids to ride Jurassic Park twice and let us walk on the Studio Tour with no wait. My favorite part of the day was watching the kids experience the water playground.  Such a fun way to kick off the Summer.



Bazaar Lunch

BazaarLast week I attended an Advertising Industry workshop at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles. I didn’t realize it came with lunch at The Bazaar, Jose Andres’ restaurant, so that was a welcomed surprise. I had eaten dinner at The Bazaar before but I am not one for strange food and the “exploding olives” were a bit too much for me. This second time around was much better and seeing the hotel decor was a treat in and of itself. I hadn’t had a chance to tour the restaurant last time and the decor is as creative as the food.  Here’s a peek at a few of my favorite aspects.



RepubliqueDiscovering great new restaurants is one of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles.  I had been wanting to experience Republique for quite some time now and yesterday I finally got the chance. We went for lunch but the beauty of Republique is that they serve breakfast until 3pm, so I had the Egg On Toast, which was delicious. The ambiance is really beautiful with lots of natural light and open seating.  The French backdrop literally made us feel like we were at a cafe in Paris.  Well worth the trek to the other side of town.

Egg on Toast{Republique Egg on Toast.  Egg, Arugula, Buffalo Mozzarella, Heirloom tomatoes, on multigrain toast}RepubliqueMeatlocker{Meatlocker}

Bakery{glimpse into the bakery}

Republique{Good friends made it great}