9 Hours in San Francisco

When I’m in San Francisco my days are typically hectic but usually that’s ok because I spend the night and have some downtime in the hotel to relax and unwind. Yesterday was a non-stop day however. I had 9 hours to squeeze  everything in and despite the rain, the day sailed by without a hitch. Here’s a glimpse of my day-in-the-life-of-an-ad-sales-rep.


{Left the house at 7:30 am. Caught a 9:30 flight to Oakland}

SF Fog

{Landed in Oakland at 10:30am. Taxied to San Francisco for my first meeting.  Arrived 11:30 am, joined my colleagues for the meeting.  Noon- met with 12 clients.  1:15pm braved the rain without an umbrella to grab a sandwich then headed to my second meeting at 2pm.  3pm taxied to my 3:30 meeting.  3:55pm -walked to my 4pm meeting.

SF Night

5pm- Ubered back to Oakland Airport.  6:15pm devoured an airport personal pizza.  7:20pm – caught my flight home.  8:30pm- landed in Burbank.  9:30pm- arrived home- safe and sound.

Heart Metamorphosis

Family Night NovLast month Jeff and I began a newsletter series at our church called “Family Night” as a way to help equip parents with ideas on how to set aside one night a week to focus on experiencing God together with their kids. This month’s focus is on “Heart Metamorphosis”. We landed on this topic because we have always had a lot of trouble trying to curb Luke’s behavior but recently he has been having some challenges at school and we have been focused as a result on trying to get to his heart, which is at the root of all our behaviors. As a result, we wanted to share what we were doing at home that is helping all of us to really look at our hearts and connect with God in ways that affect the way we relate to others. Jesus said “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. The more we can lean on God to change our hearts, the more successful we will be in loving others.  You can download the newsletter here: Family Night Newsletter Nov 2014.

Casa Del Mar Hotel

Casa Del MarWhen Jeff was growing up, he learned to surf at Santa Monica Beach. For our getaway to Santa Monica last weekend we chose to stay at the Casa Del Mar, right on that very same beach. As we walked the beach facing the hotel, Jeff recalled that back then the [Casa Del Mar] was actually a place called    “[Synanon]”a drug rehabilitation facility that later became a religious cult. It was really interesting to hear the history of this place from someone who  grew up around it. Today the hotel is a beautiful spot to relax and recharge and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.

Casa Del Mar

{speaking of sleep, the beds are amazing}


Casa Del Mar

Casa Del Mar

Casa Del Mar

{Sunken tub with jets with a view of the ocean]

Casa Del Mar

{spacious bathroom}

Casa Del Mar

{The view from the pool}

Casa Del Mar Pool

Casa Del Mar

{Our deal through American Express came with a Spa credit.. thanks Amex!}

Casa Del Mar

{the view from our window}

Shutters on the Beach

{we had breakfast at Shutters on the Beach, their sister property next door}


Santa Monica Getaway

Santa MonicaFriday night Jeff and I stole away to Santa Monica to celebrate the anniversary of our first date. Its the first time we actually celebrated in Santa Monica, which is odd, since our first date actually took place there.  On our first date we had dinner at the Ivy at the Shore.  Then he drove me to Leo Carrillo State Beach, where they allow campfires on the beach.  When he opened up his trunk, there was firewood, a blanket, champagne and strawberries and a cd player readied with Enya. It was a pretty amazing first date.  Needless to say it turned into a pretty amazing marriage.  I always marvel at God’s grace in giving me such an incredible man. We didn’t exactly re-create the first date, but we did have dinner at the Ivy.

Ivy at the Shore

{Us outside the Ivy at the Shore. Original site of our first date}

Bike Ride

{We took a short bike ride on the beach}


{Enjoyed the sunset}

Santa Monica Beach Palms

Mini Blessing

IMG_4764My poor husband has been driving around an old VW Passat Wagon for the last two and a half years that was totally on its last legs. After pouring in thousands of dollars to fix it over that time period we finally decided to cut our losses and trade it in while we still could. We went to Universal Mini and found this beautiful black certified pre-owned Clubman that we got a great deal on AND they took the VW off our hands for a fair price. They blessed us so much- they even threw in a gym bag, a two t-shirts and a stuffed dog for Luke. Mini is awesome!


Mini Clubman

Mini clubman


Mini Gym Bag

Sweet Wedding

IMG_4744Last weekend we had the privilege of witnessing the wedding of a young man who grew up in our church. He was in my Sunday School as a kid and now runs the sound board for worship on Sundays. Jeff performed the ceremony and it was such a sweet wedding because the couple saved their first kiss for their wedding day. I had never been to a wedding where the couple were that disciplined in their courtship before and it was a thrill to see them so happy. Congratulations Jessie & Justine!



The Gansevoort Hotel

GansevoortOn my trip to NY this week I stayed at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue. It is a hip & clean spot with a great view of the Empire State building from its Rooftop Pool.  The service is impeccable.  My towels and trash were emptied twice daily and when I asked for directions to the nearest subway, the bellman walked me all the way to the train and swiped me thru the turnstile with his own metro card.  Nicely done Gansevoort!

Gansevoort Pool

Rooftop view

New York Highlights

Skyline SunsetNew York City is magical this time of year. And if you can slow down long enough, taking in the sights can be great entertainment on its own. Here are a few of the photos I snapped as I walked around the city.

Radio City Music Hall

{Radio City Music Hall}

Grand Central Station

{Grand Central Station}

Rockefeller Center

{Rockefeller Center}

The River

The RiverThis week I was in New York for business and was lucky enough to spend some quality time with my sister. I was excited to find that Hugh Jackman was back on Broadway and since I missed his show last time around, it was a fun thing for us to do together. The show is called “The River” and is about a man who takes his girlfriend to his cabin to teach her to fish for sea trout in the river.  As the story unfolds you find yourself wondering whether he is wooing her or trying to fill the void of an old flame.  I’m the type who prefers to have the dots connected for me rather than having to draw my own conclusions at the end of a story, so I wouldn’t recommend the show but my sister liked it.  The show runs only 12 weeks so if you happen to be in NYC this holiday season, you can catch it.  You can find tickets and information [here].

The River

Circle in the Square Theater

{Circle in the Square is a sweet and intimate venue}

Halloween 2014

Tris and FourThis year we hosted our first ever Halloween Party for our neighborhood. It was a “post trick or treat” party – after we took the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood about 10 of our neighbors showed up at our house to roast s’mores around the fire pit and get to know each other better.   It was the first time I’ve worn a costume in about 14 years and it was great fun to dress up with my husband. We were Tris and Four, from [Divergent].  I hope we can make this party an annual tradition it was so much fun.

Tris Costume

Photo Booth

{we staged an impromptu photo booth at the party with an empty frame}

Optimus Prime

{Luke was Optimus Prime and his friend was Harry Potter}


Divergent costume