Day at Disney

Day at DisneyI started covering the Disney account in the short term, while one of my teammates is out on maternity leave. I had my first meeting with them a few weeks ago and I loved how playful their Burbank campus was. I thought I’d share a few photos from my day.

Day at Disney

{pretty palm-tree-lined walkways}


{lovely fountains}


{cool office space with tables in the park to the left for breaks in the sunshine}

Day at Disney

{my teammates. photo credit: Justin Orkin}


Makers@AOLI do not consider myself a “maker” of anything but when I think about the fact that I have been selling digital advertising for 15 years at AOL, it begins to hit me that I have learned a thing or two about making ad campaigns work in my time here. It’s weird to think of myself as a pioneer but whenever I tell people in the media business how long I’ve been at AOL they always marvel “wow, you’re a dinosaur!”.   I have had the privilege of having great mentors at AOL and now it’s my turn to pass on what I’ve learned.  Makers@AOL was launched as a group to do just that and I got to be a founding member.  A few weeks ago we hosted our first breakfast at our offices in Beverly Hills.  I met so many young women with light in their eyes just embarking on their careers, eager to learn, just as I remember myself being so many years ago.  I just hope I can do as good a job giving back as my mentors did for me.


Sweet Salt

Sweet SaltI love discovering new restaurants in L.A., but it’s especially exciting to discover those that cater business meetings! Sweet Salt in Glendale was the perfect solution for one of my recent lunch meetings. They offer a variety of salads and vegetarian options as well as my personal favorite, the brussel sprouts & kale tacos.  It also never hurts when a lunch menu includes french macarons!

Sweet SaltSweet Salt

{Quaint farmhouse chairs and silverware setups}

Sweet Salt

{view of the chefs at work}

Sweet Salt

{pretty hardwood floors}

Sweet Salt

Church Beach Day

Church Beach DayWe had our annual Hope Chapel Beach Day last weekend at Zuma Beach in Malibu.  Jeff hosted free surf lessons for everyone and it was a beautiful day.  Luke and I didn’t surf, he boogie boarded and I took photos but we had the most fun.

Church Beach Day

{Jeff brought our collection of Roberts’ boards.  Robert Wiener, the shaper of Roberts’ boards is Jeff’s best friend from elementary school.  We have three custom boards from him}

church beach day

{Step 1: Paddle}

Church Beach day


Church Beach Day

{Step 2: Pop up}

Church Beach Day

{Step 3: Keep feet perpendicular to the middle of the board line}

Church beach day

{get in the water}


{Sweet success}




{My favorite highlight was watching little Grace ride the whitewater on the boogie board.  It was her first time and she did so with the same courage she fought Leukemia with last year.  It was such a joy to see her running around with so much energy and loving life again}

Zuma Beach

Taylor Swift LA

Taylor Swift LAThere is nothing not to love about Taylor Swift. Last week I entertained clients for her 1989 show in L.A. and she was pure joy to watch. What I love about Taylor Swift is how inclusive she is of everybody- her friends, her fans, other entertainers, everybody. Not many artists share their stage with others and she does so with passion and excitement and that overflows to the audience who gets to watch in anticipation of the next surprise guest. There were three guests at the show I attended.  Here are some of my favorite moments.

Staples VIP Suite

{arriving first at the Staples Swanky VIP Suite}

Taylor Swift

{The opening videos of Taylor}

Welcome To New York

{The sets for her song, Welcome to New York}

Taylor Swift Concert

{Being part of my friend’s little girl’s first concert experience}

Natalie Mains

{Natalie Maines from The Dixie Chicks joined us to sing Goodbye Earl, which was one of the albums my best friend and I listened to over an over again on our road trip to Padres Spring Training in Peoria, Arizona 16 years ago}

Taylor Swift

{Taylor on the big screen}

Taylor Swift

{The catwalk stage}

Taylor Swift

{Ellen Degeneres was surprise guest #2. She showed up in a Tutu. Very funny}

TSwift Wristband

{everyone received a white wristband that lit up along with the lights of the show}


{this is what the audience looked like all lit up with their wristbands}

VIP Ladies

{My AOL ladies}

Taylor Swift

Taylor and Alanis

{My favorite surprise guest was Alanis Morisette, who came out and sang You Oughta Know.  A classic tune that got me through my college breakup}

Taylor Swift

{Taylor is just so pretty}

Taylor Swift

Shake It Off

{She ended the show with Shake it Off and of course the whole suite was dancing.  Such a fun way to end the night}

Tower 20

Tower 20We welcomed a group of young missionaries from Montana to stay at our church while on their visit to LA. Jeff offered to take an afternoon and teach them how to surf. We chose Tower 20 in Santa Monica as the designated surf spot. This was exciting for Luke since it’s only a stone’s throw away from Santa Monica Pier and he was itching to ride the roller coaster.

Tower 20

{Jeff and the youth from Montana}

Luke Tower 20

Tower 20

Tower 20

{this was me while they surfed}


{Luke and I rode the roller coaster soon after}

Ferris Wheel

{My brother and I rode the Ferris Wheel together}

Ferris Wheel

Santa Monica Beach

{View of Tower 20 from the Pier Ferris Wheel}


GladstonesMy Mom loves fish and chips so we decided to take her to Gladstones, one of the best seafood restaurants in Malibu for an enjoyable meal with an ocean view. Gladstones is located where PCH meets Sunset and there is beach access if you’d like to walk off your meal afterwards.



{Poor Luke hit his cheek on the wooden booth as he was taking off his sweater. I love this little post-cry face}

Gladstones Boat

{he was soon feeling better}


Malibu Beach House Staycation

Malibu Beach HouseUsually when we vacation I just take a few days off prior to a long weekend but this time I took off an entire seven business days for my birthday to spend with my Mom and sister and get Luke back to school. We chose to staycation for a couple of nights in Malibu and found this amazing beach house on VRBO.  Since we weren’t spending any money on airfare we could afford to splurge a bit on the accommodations.  This house was incredible.  It came with a private access beach, a rooftop deck, a sauna, three bedrooms, a massive kitchen and Apple TV for accessing our Netflix account.  If you’re looking for a beach house rental in Malibu, this place is fantastic.

Malibu Beach House

{Located on Las Tunas, it was perfectly situated between Santa Monica and downtown Malibu}

Malibu Beach House

{It was so restorative to fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing under the house}

Malibu Beach House

{The living room had a flat screen complete with Apple TV. We spent one afternoon watching a cheesy Netflix RomCom while listening to the ocean}


{Spacious kitchen complete with coffee maker, cookware, dishes & silverware}

Rooftop Deck

{We spent an a few hours soaking up some sun on the rooftop deck}

Mother Daughter Selfie

{Snapped our first Mother-Daughter selfie ever}

Master Bathroom

{The master bathroom had a sunken tub with jets overlooking the ocean. I took a bath to the sound of the waves}


{Massive showers}



Guest room

{Bedroom 2}

Bedroom 3

{Bedroom 3}

Private Beach Access

{Private Beach Access}

Beach House Balcony

{The house had two balconies. One off the livingroom and one off the master bedroom}

BalconyAdditional Sleeping

{Additional sleeping quarters}

Mother Daughter Beach House


{Jeff and Luke surfed one day after school}


{Las Tunas Beach}

beach house views

{view from the roof

40 at The Sixty

40 at the SixtyPart two of my 40th Birthday celebration included a dinner at The Sixty Hotel in Beverly Hills. We started and ended the evening on the rooftop, which incidentally happened to be screening one of my favorite movies, The Goonies, by the pool that evening.  It was a lovely time with friends and family that served to celebrate how far God has brought me in the first 40 years of my life and to mark the beginning of my next 40 years of giving back.

The Sixty Dinner

{Dinner Party, catered by Caulfield’s}

Sixty Rooftop view

{The Sixty rooftop view}

40 is the new 30

{Invitations by Cafe Press}

Luke and Me

Sixty Birthday Photo

{My best friend and me}

Mom and Me Sixty

{My Mom and me}

Goonies Sixty Rooftop

{Goonies on the roof. Wish I could have stayed and watched}

Luke SixtyJeff and his dad

{Jeff and his Dad}

the Sixty party

{old friends}