One of my co-workers is moving to New York City and hosted a going away party that spanned all of her favorite Venice hangouts to give her the proper send-off. I was able to hit up two of them- James Beach and Larry’s, and I ran into so many old […]

A Touch of Venice

Pinz LA
Luke and I spent Sunday afternoon at Pinz LA, a bowling alley on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. One of his classmates is moving to Oregon so he hosted a going away party there. This particular bowling alley has one of the most extensive game rooms I’ve ever encountered, complete […]

Pinz LA

Last week I had the privilege of going to dinner at Soho House in West Hollywood, an exclusive invitation only club where no phone calls or photos are allowed. My co-worker snuck a couple of these shots of the view for me with her phone because it was just too […]

Soho House West Hollywood

IMG_9461 2
The combination of weather and everyday heat styling had left my hair dry and unmanageable. Jamie Alexander, star of Blindspot, serves up some serious messy bob inspiration so I took a few pins of her into my local Aveda salon and consulted with my colorist and stylist to see if […]

Messy Bob

Sweet and Spicy Salmon
Jeff and I stepped out of our cooking comfort zone and made this sweet and spicy salmon recipe together. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten, but Jeff loved it. I think my tongue is still seared and we ate it last week. I am not a spicy eater […]

Hottest Sweet & Spicy Salmon

Lakers Night
Kobe Bryant announced recently that this will be his final season as a Laker. I had it on my list to take Luke to a game before the season ended and last Friday we had the chance to go as a family. The Lakers lost miserably to the Spurs but […]

Lakers Night

I’ve been thinking a lot about Winter lately probably because it’s been the coldest one I can remember having in Southern California for a very long time. The cold. The dark. The seemingly lifeless trees. I thought about how we used to store up for winter growing up. The provisions […]

Winter Fears

Chicken Avocado Burritos
These Chicken Avocado Burritos are very different from the burritos I’m used to eating. If you asked me what the key ingredients should be for a great burrito, I’d say beans and cheese but these burritos have no beans and no cheddar cheese. They’re delicious anyway. I used this recipe which […]

Chicken Avocado Burritos

monster trucks
We had our first experience at Monster Jam last weekend, which if you’ve never been, it is an insane display of Monster Trucks racing and flipping through the air.  Jeff had some discount coupons for Monster Jam 2016 and I thought it might make a good family night so we […]

Monster Jam 2016

I realized that during the weekdays, after 3 hours of commuting, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep, I’m left with only 5 hours of actual free time in each 24 hour period. Those five free hours are basically from 5am to 8am and 7pm to 9pm but […]

The Service Laundry

Basketball Lessons
I played basketball in Jr. High and High School and I remember being so dedicated to the sport that I’d practice in 20° weather in my New Hampshire driveway. Over the holiday break, I promised to take Luke to play basketball but when we arrived at the only outdoor court […]

Life Lessons on the Court

Balsamic Brussels Sprouts Pita Pizzas 2
I made the Barefoot Contessa’s Balsamic Brussels Sprouts for Christmas brunch and despite the fact that reducing the balsamic vinegar smelled up the entire house horribly, they were worth it. Since then I had been looking for other ways to incorporate brussels sprouts into our meal plan and came across […]

Balsamic Brussels Sprouts Pita Pizzas

Prayer Journal
I have kept a prayer journal since I was 12 years old. Prayer is no secret formula, it’s nothing more than just talking to God.  So mostly my prayer journals are simple chats with Jesus.  It’s fantastic to look back over all those years of writings and see how my […]

How to Keep a Prayer Journal

I really wanted some inspiration for the church children’s classrooms and I remembered Ikea used to have a lot of creative ideas for kids rooms the last time I was there (which was about a decade ago) so Luke and I drove out to Burbank to explore together. Nothing like […]

Ikea Trip

Pinterest Meal Planning
Meal planning is the thing I end up having the least amount of creativity for at the end of the week but if I don’t do it, then I know I’m doomed to overspend on groceries that will end up going bad before I can cook them. Pinterest has served as […]

Pinterest for Meal Planning

My best friend and I have a tradition to write our resolutions on New Year’s Eve and share them with each other.  It is a tradition I cherish because it allows us insight into the issues most pressing in each other’s lives, challenges us to grow in areas where there might be room for improvement […]

2016 Resolutions

2015 Moments 2
2015 was a year mixed with both joy and sorrow.  It was the year I said goodbye to my closest co-workers and AOL got bought by Verizon, the year Jeff lost his sister, Debbie, to cancer,  the year Jeff’s daughter Erin got married, the year Luke played flag football and […]

2015 Moments

The Grinch
Luke’s school Christmas play this year was “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.  It was an elaborate production with sets and costumes that rivaled most high school plays I’ve seen.  Luke was one of the Who’s and Jeff, Mema, Uncle Danny and I were very entertained.  Here’s a few pics. {the […]

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

LA Zoo Lights
This year instead of our traditional tour of the Valley’s famous Candy Cane Lane, we got our Christmas lights fix at the LA Zoo.   From November 27th to January 3rd the Zoo is transformed at night into a wonderland of Christmas lights, including a musical water show.   The […]

LA Zoo Holiday Lights

We had a lovely Christmas holiday.  Christmas Eve we opened gifts from my Mom and my brother. Jeff’s Mom joined us Christmas morning and Jeff’s daughters came over for Christmas stockings and lunch.  The day after Christmas we went to my Aunt’s house in Hawthorne to see all my family. […]

Christmas 2015

My nickname at work is “Joy” because I jokingly say to my co workers that “I bring the joy” to the office by hosting a basket of candy and treats at my desk. Like everyone else though, I’ve experienced my fair share of pain too.  This season has been an […]

Joy to the World

Luke and I took a mommy-son day and headed to Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood for costume inspiration as Luke’s upcoming Christmas play, the Grinch, was happening the following week. We went the first Saturday in December so the lines were not too long and the whole park was decorated […]


JW Marriott LA
If you haven’t been to Downtown Los Angeles in a while you may not recognize it. The city has completely transformed over the past 10 years and now boasts high rise lofts, great restaurants and 4 star hotels centrally located around a complex called LA Live which is across the […]

JW Marriott Los Angeles

Bread and Drink
One of the best things about the holidays is the chance for a dining experience with family and friends. Whether it be eating out at a fancy restaurant with clients or setting up a decorative table scape for my family at home I have one go-to trick for navigating complicated […]

Bread and Drink

Most of us can remember Bible stories from Sunday School lessons growing up, but how many of us have ever been shown how those stories are interconnected? That they are not just a collection of stories, but rather all part of one big story that God is telling.  A redemption […]

The Big God Story

We are the champions
Luke’s Team at West Valley Christian School won the Flag Football Championship game 14-0 over Valley Pres. Valley Pres was previously undefeated and Luke’s team had lost to them twice this season, so the victory was sweet.  Highlight reel below.

We Are The Champions

Last week I hosted a client dinner at Bestia, which has quickly become one of LA’s hottest restaurants. It’s a diamond in the rough, with its warehouse exterior and downtown LA location. The food is top-notch Italian and they are known for the melt-in-your-mouth pork chop, which I can attest is pretty delicious.  My […]


Luke and I got all dressed up for Erin’s wedding. Luckily that meant we only had to go as far as digging into the backs of our closets.  It’s pretty funny when “all dressed up” constitutes jeans and a button down shirt but if you only knew how hard it […]

All Dressed Up

Luke & Mema
Jeff’s youngest daughter, Erin, got married in Santa Barbara this weekend. It was an intimate ceremony at the courthouse followed by a brunch at Cielito on State Street. The reception was the following evening at a friend’s home in the valley.  Here are a few of my favorite moments. {Father […]

Wedding Weekend

Mercer Kitchen
I found myself feeling really disappointed on my latest trip to NYC when my favorite restaurant, ABC Kitchen, was all booked up. I looked up other restaurants by Chef Jean Georges in hopes of finding something that would at least be a close second. Enter The Mercer Kitchen, a lovely restaurant […]

Mercer Kitchen

PHD View
Last week I found myself back in the Big Apple for meetings and the weather was glorious. Autumn in New York is one of the best experiences in the world and if you can find yourself there when the weather happens to be above 60° as I did, it is […]

Autumn in New York

Flag Football
Luke’s team made a valiant effort at last week’s flag football game but lost to Valley Presbyterian. Being their first loss of the season, it was a valuable lesson for Luke that you win some, you lose some but what’s important is how you play the game. He played hard […]

Win Some, You Lose Some

Halloween 2015
For Halloween this year Luke was Halo’s Master Chief. We did our typical trick or treating with our neighborhood friends while Mema held down the fort at home. It was a lovely night to be out, which made us extra thankful to live in Southern California. {Scream character and Zombie […]

Master Chief

Walk for Life
Every October for the past 5 years we have participated in the annual Walk for Life to benefit Open Arms, our local crisis pregnancy clinic and resource center.  This year was challenging because Jeff was getting over a stomach virus and I woke up feeling sore all over but the three […]

Walk For Life 2015

It’s sad when just going for a walk seems like a luxury, but such is the case for me. In my world, it typically takes an hour and a half just to drive to work everyday, so the idea of any leisure activity before work is basically off the table. […]

A Walk In the Park

1 Hotel Central Park
My love for New York hotels has been well documented on this blog [here], [here], [here] and [here], just to name a few faves.  Last week I discovered my new favorite,         1 Hotel Central Park. Anytime I stay in a new hotel, just before going to sleep […]

1 Hotel Central Park

24 Hours in NYC
New York City is the type of place you want to spend some time in soaking up as much of the energy as possible but the beauty of this city is that even if you only have 24 hours in it, like I did last week, you can still have […]

24 Hours in NYC

Purple Event
Last weekend our church hosted the annual Purple Event, a celebration of life that brings awareness to domestic violence.  Being a survivor of domestic violence myself, this is a cause that has always been near and dear to my heart.  My late father was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was […]

Purple Event

Luke started flag football this year and last week was his first game. It was so much fun to watch him. His team won 26-0. Not a bad start to a season. He is #6. Luke played a lot and seemed to genuinely enjoy it. I’m hoping he will end […]

Flag Football

Majestic Clouds
I was diagnosed a few years ago with something called “Autonomic Neuropathy” which basically translates to a sensitive nervous system. It affects all of the things that your body does on auto-pilot, heart-rate, sweating, digestion, body temperature control, etc.  When you have neuropathy, it can send these otherwise automatic bodily […]

Never Alone

On our trip to Charlotte we stayed at the Ballantyne Hotel, a Starwood property, and a 4 diamond resort, which makes racking up SPG points so enjoyable. It was my first stay at the property and it was glorious with its sprawling golf course, fountains, spa and indoor/outdoor pools. Here […]

The Ballantyne Hotel Charlotte

Women of Faith Farewell
I have been to the Women of Faith conference a few times over their 20 year run, see last year’s post [here]. 2015 was their farewell tour and I really wanted my mom and sisters to be able to experience it before it was too late so last weekend we […]

Women of Faith Farewell

Scooter run
Saturday we stepped away from our hectic lives for a bit to take Luke to the skate park. At first he couldn’t even ride his scooter without putting one foot down, by the end he was riding in the bowl with ease. I attempted to take one ride and quickly […]

Scooter in the Bowl

I’ve been making new habits lately.  New habits of gratitude, new habits of mindfulness and slowing time that way.  I’ve been trying to be in the moment, finding joy in the moments because life is comprised of little moments.  There have been lots of heavy things swirling around my life […]

Stress Rescue

Lolli and Pops
The last thing I need in my life is more sugar, however, I am a sucker for a candy shoppe (no pun intended). Something magical happens whenever I step inside one, I become like Charlie wandering around Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, trying desperately to take it all in.  Last weekend […]

Lolli and Pops

Birthday Surprise
Jeff’s closest childhood friend, Robert Weiner, is a renowned surfboard shaper, and was named Shaper of the Year in 2011 by Surfing magazine. The two of them got together this Summer so Jeff could have Robert shape a board for his nephew and they decided that a reunion was in […]

Reunion Birthday Surprise

W Dallas Victory
Last week was my first time in Dallas in at least a decade. The last time I was there visiting friends, this time I was there meeting clients. Every time I come to the great state of Texas I fall more in love with it. The people are so friendly, […]

W Dallas Victory

I started this blog talking about God’s grace in my sister-in-law’s life. A week ago Friday she went to be with the Lord and even her death served as a reflection of Gods grace. It was her courage through cancer that shone brightest. Throughout it all she remained positive and […]


My favorite place to stay in San Diego is La Costa Resort and Spa. I had the pleasure to stay there last weekend for a quick trip and it’s the perfect place to practice slowing life down. I really tried to focus on the beauty around me and to be […]

La Costa Resort

Luke is playing flag football at school this semester. It’s his first time playing sports at school so it was time for a physical. We visited his pediatrician and not surprisingly he was in the 95th percentile for height and 90th for weight. His doctor thinks he will be a […]

Physical Time