Hang Time With Michael Jordan

Hang TimeLast weekend someone asked me if I had ever run a marathon. I said yes but it wasn’t the accomplishment of running a marathon that stuck with me, it was how God used that silly race to answer a childhood prayer. When I was in Jr. High, Michael Jordan was my hero. I remember wanting so badly to be like him and practicing basketball drills in my driveway in the freezing cold in New Hampshire. In the Summer I worked at the guard gate of our town beach, a job that allowed for lots of time for reading and one Summer I read Hang Time, by Bob Greene. The book mentioned that Michael Jordan often gave tickets to his games to under privileged children.  I had never been to a professional basketball game.  NBA tickets were not affordable for my family of nine.  I remember praying a simple prayer in that beach shack, “Lord, I pray that Michael Jordan would give me tickets to one of his games”.    Fast forward to my post college years and I was auditioning for a local theater play.  I was training for the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon at the same time and I showed up for the audition in my running gear.  A young woman came up to me and asked me if I was a runner and I said yes, I was training for a marathon.  She said she was really trying to get into running and asked if I would run with her.  It turned out she lived a block away from me and the track where I trained.   We both landed parts in the show and became friends over the course of our early morning runs and play practices together.  The woman was Michael Jordan’s sister.   We went to church together, ran together, I met her Mom, she gave me a copy of the children’s book they collaborated on about Michael called “Salt In His Shoes” and it was all very surreal to me.  Then one day she called to say that she was going to be singing the Star Spangled Banner at her brother’s game in Arizona and invited me to go with her and her Mom and stay at her Mom’s house.  When we arrived at the game, our seats were something like 6 rows from the floor! I told her how amazing it was to have such great seats and she said “of course, the tickets are from MJ.”  As if that wasn’t enough, after the game, we went into the locker room and waited to meet Michael.  After he had fulfilled his obligations to the fans and the press, he came over and his Mom introduced me.  As I lay in bed that night surrounded by pictures of Jordan, in his Mom’s house, I remembered the prayer I had prayed in that little beach shack so many years ago.  I was overwhelmed with emotion and on the way to the airport the next morning I broke down in front of both of them.  I told them about my childhood prayer and how God had seen fit to answer it in such an amazing way through them. I thanked them profusely for their friendship and their generosity toward me. It meant more to me than they could ever know.  This is one of my favorite stories of God’s grace in my life.  It is one of the best illustrations of the verse “He is able to do above and beyond whatever we could ask or think”.

Fit and Flare Skirt

Fit and Flare Skirt

I found this striped fit and flare skirt at Target last month and asked for it for Christmas.  The weather was so warm on Sunday that I could wear it bare-legged with pointy toe sandals which was a nice departure from my recent uniform carousel of sweaters, skinny jeans and boots.  It was comfortable enough to make breakfast in when we got home from church and  I felt very “1950’s housewife” cooking breakfast so dressed up which was fun.  You can buy the skirt [here].

Fit and Flare skirt & Peach button down top, Target, Nine West Pointy Toe Sandals

Fit and Flare skirt & Peach button down top, Target, Nine West Pointy Toe Sandals

Fit And Flare Skirtfit and flare skirt

Fit and Flare SkirtFit and Flare skirt

Meal Plans

Meal PlannerMeal planning is one of those things that comes second nature to most Moms, but has never been the case with me. I go in and out of focus on meal planning and for the past few months we’ve coasted way too much on take-out as a result. In the spirit of the new year, I took the time to try to get back to basics this weekend and modified one of my old healthy meal plans. Cooking is one of the hardest things to find time to do as a working Mom, but planning in advance is the best way to build margin into my life. I’ve attached the  February 2015 Weekly meal planner1 in case it helps you build margin into your life too! Happy Monday!

Sky High

Sky HighMondays are Jeff’s only day off so it’s not often we have a day off together..but Luke and I both had Martin Luther King day off which made for an opportunity to do something fun together. We headed to Sky High Sports, a trampoline park in Woodland Hills. Luke was literally bouncing off the walls when we agreed to take him.  It was our first time there but proved to be a great place for family fun.  Although we didn’t jump this time, they do allow adults to jump with the kids so next time if I have the energy I might persuade Jeff to make it a family affair.

Sky HighSky HighSky HighSky HighSky high

Poached Egg & Asparagus

Poached Egg and AsparagusGetting back into the habit of eating healthy after the holidays is always a challenge for me but starting the day off right with a good breakfast is the simplest strategy for success. I’m trying to include green vegetables in every meal so last week I tried pairing poached eggs and asparagus.   I thought I’d share for some healthy eating inspiration.  I used pre-packaged microwavable asparagus from Trader Joe’s and simply cracked an egg into boiling water because I’m lazy, but you can find the proper way to poach an egg [here].  Happy Wednesday!

Casual Countryside

Casual CountrysideI would say that spontaneity is one of the dangers of being married to a thrill-seeking-surfer-type. Whenever I tell my husband to “pick something for the family to do and I will follow”, I run the risk of not being dressed appropriately. As was the case for our hike last weekend. That said, I have to admit that submitting to his spontaneity is a lot of fun.

Zara tan 3/4 sleeve top, Hudson flare jeans, Black Quilted bag, Target,  Sam Edelman Gladiator Sandals

Zara tan 3/4 sleeve top, Hudson flare jeans, tan belt, Target, Black Quilted bag, Target, Sam Edelman Gladiator Sandals


Countryside Casual

Countryside CasualCountryside Casual

Countryside Casual

DSC_0382 Countryside Casual

Valley Hike

Valley HikeI love the San Fernando Valley. From its sweeping views of the mountains to its wide open spaces for simple things like parking. The pace of my life doesn’t often allow me to take it all in, but this past weekend Jeff took us for a spontaneous hike at the top of De Soto. In minutes we were transported to a mountain countryside complete with horses and wild peacocks. Being out in nature for a simple afternoon reminded me of my days growing up in the country in New Hampshire. Back then we lived so far out in the country that the nearest grocery store was a 30 minute drive away. I felt so happy that God has granted me a place to raise my son where he can experience the wonder of nature and enjoy modern conveniences at the same time.

Valley Hike

DSC_0325 DSC_0402

Valley HikeValley HikeWild Peacocks

{Wild Peacocks}

Valley HikeValley HikeValley Hike

Valley Hike DSC_0424 Valley Hike

Kale Breakfast Salad

Kale Breakfast SaladWhen I was a kid, “sunny-side-up” were my favorite type of eggs. I loved to dip my toast into the soft center and scoop up the gooey yolk as it spilled out onto my plate. This salad takes me back to those days with soft-boiled eggs oozing their gooey goodness on a bed of kale. I customized this recipe from Pinterest and topped it with a simple avocado lime dressing (recipe found here) and would have added turkey bacon but we were all out, so instead I added pistachios. It was a great kickstart to my official first week of eating healthy for 2015. Wish me luck!

Avocado Lime Dressing

Avocado Lime DressingAvocado Lime DressingAvocado Lime Dressing

SC Highlights

Christmas SCI had not spent a Christmas with my Mom in forever because we always have Christmas at home but this past year my Step Dad had multiple strokes and I felt that bringing Luke to my Mom would be a great way to cheer her up during an otherwise very hard time. It was a beautiful reunion and so great to see Luke and my Mom so happy.  I loved being there with her even though our time together was short.  I love you Mom!

Minecraft shirt

{Grandma spoiled him rotten with everything on his list including this shirt}

Krispy Kreme

{We took a detour to Krispy Kreme because I couldn’t resist the Hot Sign}

Christmas Mom