2016 Resolutions

2016My best friend and I have a tradition to write our resolutions on New Year’s Eve and share them with each other.  It is a tradition I cherish because it allows us insight into the issues most pressing in each other’s lives, challenges us to grow in areas where there might be room for improvement which we hadn’t thought of on our own and sharing our goals holds us accountable.  It’s fun to look back over past years and see how far we’ve come in this 22 year journey together.  Her friendship is one of the biggest examples of grace I can think of.  Here are some excerpts from my 2016 list.  Happy New Year!

2016 Resolutions:

  1. Refocus my prayer life to be more intentional
  2. Refocus on parenting
  3. Volunteer at Luke’s school at least 1/QTR
  4. Automate my life (chores, meals, laundry, savings, etc.)
  5. Be more of a helper for my husband