9 Years Ago Today…

I married my prince charming in a little stained glass chapel on a hill, overlooking the Pacific.  It was without a doubt a true marker in my life.  One of those things you can point to and say “that day changed everything”.   I have many of those markers along my path but this one was by far the most profound and the most joyous.  The one I am most humbled by.  The one I am forever grateful for.   It is my favorite marker of God’s Grace in my life because three years prior to this day, I lay heartbroken from a failed relationship.  I sat down to write, as was my customary therapy.  I wrote God a letter asking him for a man.  That night I had the strangest dream.  In the dream there was a bird perched on my finger in a very Snow White sort of way and it was talking to me, but the weirdest thing was that it wasn’t the bird’s voice, it was the voice of Jesus.   Don’t ask me how I knew it was Jesus’ voice, I have never heard His voice, but in dreamland all manner of strange things can happen so in my dream I knew it was Him talking to me.  When I woke up, I could not remember what the bird had said.  All I could remember was that his voice was that of Jesus.  “Nice, Lisa.  You’re the only one I know who could get a message from God and not remember what He said”, my best friend teased when I told her.   It irked me the whole day and half the night.  Finally, my Mom prayed for me that God would recall it to my mind what He had said.  She reminded me.  “I am leading you by your right hand” was the message.  “Did you ask God for something?” she asked.   “No, not really.  Just a man” I replied.  And that was it.  I went on with my life and forgot about the dream.  I did not remember it until two years later when I started dating Jeff.   I pulled out the list and read it over.  It described Jeff perfectly even the line about lifting the lid.   Here is what it said:

I want a man who is:

Strong in Mind, Body and Spirit

Faithful as a friend and a lover

Honest in small matters as well as large

Capable of winning a fight but

Wise enough to walk away

Educated but more street smart than book smart

Funny enough to make me laugh and laugh with me

Tall with a lean, well defined, muscular physique & broad shoulders

Passionate about sports and Passionate about Me

Above reproach

Good at everything he puts his mind to, yet still humble

Smart enough to challenge deep thoughts and teach me a thing or two

Active in mind as well as in body

As beautiful within as he is without

Spontaneous, Creative and Fun

Close enough to God to fear ever grieving HIM.

Not against wearing cologne for me

Patient and Tolerant

Gentle and would never raise his voice to me, never mind his fist

An amazing kisser

The Kind that makes me feel lucky and feels the same about me

Pro public displays of affection

Well mannered, and never forgets to lift the lid

Clean and Sober

Willing to send me flowers just to make me smile

Encouraging and Supportive

Someone who makes me say “Wow!”

An Athlete at one time

A Scholar at one time

A Leader at one time

A Man at all times.

 At our rehearsal dinner, I presented a framed copy to my husband as a gift.  It hangs on the wall of our bedroom next to a shadow box frame with our wedding invitation and my preserved bouquet as a reminder of what a special marker that day truly was.  Happy Anniversary my love!

For those of you that missed the ceremony, here is how it went:  Five lovely bridesmaids (one of whom doubled as the florist, another was my baby sister), One maid of honor, Five groomsmen (one of whom was my little brother),  One best man, two adorable flower girls (one of whom rang a bell in her hand and announced “The Bride is Coming, The Bride is Coming” just before I made my entrance, the other just shy of two-and-a-half, carefully placed the petals neatly all along the aisle for me), one last-minute-tux-fitting-Sunday- School- pupil-pinch-hitting-ring-bearer for the original who got stuck in traffic, two cellists (one of whom was my college roommate), two sets of parents, two daughters from a previous marriage, one hundred eighty guests, one teary eyed bride, one handsome groom (who sang and played piano during the ceremony to a song he himself penned for his bride) one family friend who married us, and no wedding planner.  

Everyone went home with this CD playlist.

Happily Ever After