A Walk In the Park

Central ParkIt’s sad when just going for a walk seems like a luxury, but such is the case for me. In my world, it typically takes an hour and a half just to drive to work everyday, so the idea of any leisure activity before work is basically off the table.   That’s why it felt so luxurious last week to wake up in New York City, roll out of bed and walk to Central Park.  To make matters even more amazing, the weather that morning was a perfect 68°, the sun was out and the leaves were changing.  As I made my way through the park, passing mothers strolling babies and fathers walking dogs, I thought about the wonder of this place.  The juxtaposition of skyscrapers and trees covered with autumn leaves, man-made ponds in the midst of a concrete jungle.  The beauty that surrounds you and makes you feel small causes you to look up, causes you to slow down.  A walk in Central Park is the antidote to the New-York-minute.  I dare you to look at these photos and not feel a sense of awe.

Central ParkCentral Park

Central ParkCentral ParkCentral ParkCentral ParkCentral Park