All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

That song has special meaning for me because starting in about the 3rd grade I became obsessed with my two front teeth. I had a space wide enough to stick my tongue through. I desperately yearned for braces. Around 7th grade my Mom finally said, “I’m sorry but if you want to have a perfect smile you’re just gonna have to ask God because we can’t afford to get you braces”. So, I took her literally and started praying every night before bed. “Lord you made my teeth, it’s no big deal for you to straighten them. Thank you in advance for healing my teeth, in Jesus name, Amen”.  I did not witness a miracle overnight. However, by 9th grade my space had considerably closed and by Senior year it was gone. These days I have a hotshot Beverly Hills Dentist and the first time I met him he said “Did you have braces? You have a beautiful smile”. “Nope”, I shrugged, “God fixed my teeth”.

{9th grade.. I know. Bangs and perms were in.. the 80s were not a good era for hair}

{Me now}