Anxiety Free Travel

Despite the amount of travel that I do, I get anxiety every time I have to fly. Last week’s trip to San Francisco was my first flight alone in a good while but I followed my standard regimen for calming my nerves, sans alcohol, and made it through feeling really great. Here is my recipe for calming my nerves in case any of you struggle with flight anxiety.

Anti-Anxiety Prescription
1) I do not have any caffeine the day of a flight
2) I bring a book or magazine on board to distract my mind during takeoff & landing
3) I pack chamomile tea in my purse and order hot water as soon as beverages are offered. (Chamomile calms the nervous system)
4) I call my husband as soon as I board the flight and we pray together.
5) When they say ‘sit back, relax and enjoy the flight’ I take it literally.
6) I carry Formula 303 in my purse, a homeopathic anxiety remedy which also helps with jet lag