AOL Newfront 2014

AOL Newfront 2014I was in NY this week for the AOL Newfront (if you’re unfamiliar with advertising jargon you can read more about what a Newfront is here).  This year it was hosted in Brooklyn because of the historical significance of the first Ad that ever ran on television, which was for the Brooklyn Dodgers, the cost was $9.00.  We are on the cusp of another big explosion in advertising and that is the monetization of video on all screens (mobile, tablet, & connected TV)  AOL is supremely positioned to deliver an experience for advertisers and consumers alike because of the original premium content we are creating coupled with the  technology we possess to deliver targeted experiences for advertisers.  AOL had many of celebrity stars on hand to announce the 2014 slate and over 2,000 people braved the wind, rain and cold to see it.  I am so proud to be a part of a company that’s making history.

AOL Newfront{The huge space with all of our shows peppering the walls and a red carpet for the celebs}

SJP & Tim Armstrong{Sarah Jessica Parker & my hero, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong}

Portia di Rossi

{Portia De Rossi speaking about her show,  Laugh Lessons}



{Sarah Jessica Parker onstage for the encore season of her show, City Ballet}

AOL Newfront Nicole Richie


{Nichole Richie onstage promoting her season two show, Candidly Nicole}