AOL Take Your Child To Work Day 2015

TYCTWDI am so lucky to work for a company that supports National Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day. It is Luke’s favorite day of the year (next to Christmas and his birthday of course). This year I planned the event for the AOL Beverly Hills office and I structured the activities around a few of AOL’s core values (We take fun seriously, We Hire And Empower Smart People Who Love What They Do & We Are In The Business of Helping People, Period).  It was a fantastic day that started out with teaching each child the very valuable sales skill of introducing oneself and giving a proper business handshake.  Children got to push around a donut cart and introduce themselves to their parents’ co-workers.  Special thanks to my fellow AOLers, Katinka Walker, Lauren Damron & Cathy Brough who helped me execute the event.

TYCTWD Agenda MAP{I designed a TYCTWD Agenda Map, Disneyland style, for each child}

Red Carpet{Our first activity was “On The Red Carpet” where Curator, Jenny Depper taught the kids how she interviews celebrities on the Red Carpet.  One child’s interview question was “So, Beyonce- what song do you plan to release on iTunes next?” Awesome, right?}

Face painter{Keeping with our “fun” theme, we brought in a face painter}

Raging Fires{Luke created a new character for himself which he named “Raging Fires”}

CHLA{To align with our value of “Helping People”, the kids packed donation boxes for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Literally Healing program which provides books to children in the hospital}

Huffpost Ice Cream Tasting{After lunch we had the editors of Huffpost Taste teach the kids how to write a tasting review.  We did an ice cream tasting which consisted of 6 different flavors of Vanilla ice cream.  The clear winner? Tillamook}

Huffpost TasteLifestyle Athletics{After the ice cream, my personal boxing instructor, owner of Lifestyle Athletics, came by to help the kids do some exercises to burn off the sugar.  Who can hold a plank the longest?}

IMG_6487{Coach Coronel provided each kid with a certificate of completion}

Create Your Own Monster{We wound the kids back down after the vigorous exercise with a “Create your own AOL Monster” activity, which was Luke’s idea.  That’s his monster on the left}

Huffpost Show{Next we took the kids backstage for a tour of where we film the Huffpost Show}

Huffpost Show Set{they got to sit on set}

Control Room{And go back into the producer’s control room}

Luke on Camera{Then we put the kids on camera with a teleprompter}

{This was Luke’s Video Debut as a News caster for AOL News}

IMG_6468{Luke and I ended our day by dropping off the boxes at CHLA}

Luke and Me