Army Party

Army PartyI’ve been making themed birthday parties for Luke every year since before he can remember. Some of the best were [Hulk], [Minecraft] and [Star Wars]. This year when I asked Luke what theme he wanted he said “I want an Army party”. So random. I didn’t even realize there was such a thing but sure enough, Pinterest was exploding with ideas that made it easy for me. Here are the highlights from Luke’s 8th Birthday along with how I did it so hopefully I can make someone else’s party planning easier.Army Party Invite

{I made these invitations. Army Party Birthday Invitations Customize is a link to the free customizable invites in case you want to use them}

Army Party Tent Tablescape{I bought this two man tent fabric on eBay and Jeff constructed a framing for it out of PVC piping from Lowes.  Worked like a charm as a tablescape. My brother made the “Mess Hall and Mail Call” signs out of wood & stencils from Michaels}

Army Party Tank Pinata{I bought the tank pinata from Birthday express}

Army Party MRE {Food included Corn Dogs, Buffalo Wings, Pizza, Pretzel Bites, Chips & Dip, Broccoli & Carrots.  I bought the aluminum tins at Smart N Final and painted “MRE” (Meal Ready to Eat) with stencils.  I found the apple flavored Army Men gummies on Amazon. So good!}

Army Party FoodDSC_0436 Army Party{I used old wooden wine crates from the garage and painted them for the medic and ammo boxes.  You can find these at BevMo and usually they will give you the crates for free if you ask.  I raided my pantry for old canned goods and took the labels off of them to look more like military issue MRE. I found the “exploding grenades” on Amazon.  They make explosion sounds when you pull the lever}

Army Party Scripture{Our Party Scripture inspiration. 2 Corinthians 10:4}

Army Party Obstacle CourseJeff made a “boot camp” obstacle course.  Included a tire run, camo net crawl, shooting range and balance beam.

Tire RunBalance BeamArmy Party Obstacle CourseCamo Crawl Obstacle Course{Camo Net Crawl}

Targets{I found the targets on Amazon}

Dog Tags{Everyone got a scripture verse Dog Tag upon arrival. Found them at Oriental Trading}

Army Party Mail Call{We had the kids write letters to the troops and sent them to Operation Gratitude, a non-profit here in the San Fernando Valley that sends care packages to the troops.  I bought Army stickers and recycled stationery from Michaels for the crafting}

Army Party Flag Cake{Went with a simple flag cake from Costco and added army guys. Thanks Mom!}

Army PartyArmy PartyArmy Party{Luke read every word of every card. I was very proud of him for that}

Army party gifts{of course there was lots of excitement over gifts, like this tank}

Boot Camp Favors{Found these camo bags on Amazon and used them for favors}

Army Party Water Balloon Grenades{We had a water balloon grenade fight at the end of the party}

Army Party{Luke got soaked when the kids decided to dump the water bucket on him}

Army Party{The party was a huge success, despite the rainy weather. God’s grace that we were able to do the outdoor activities just before it poured}