ATVs and Water Slides

Lisa Water Slide 4For our Labor Day activities, we spent lots of time on the water slides at the Westin Mission Hills. We also wanted desperately to take Luke to ride dirt bikes in the desert but couldn’t find any rental places in Palm Springs. We opted to go back to Off Road Rentals, where we had rented ATVs last year and had a great time but it was really way too hot to be riding around in something with no doors and no air conditioning. ¬†We were wishing we were back on the water slides.

Luke Water Slide 4

Lisa Water Slide 3Lisa Water Slide 2Luke Water Slide 2Jeff ATV 2015Luke ATVLisa ATVIMG_8262IMG_8286IMG_8276IMG_8278{Luke kept getting stuck so poor Jeff had to keep pushing his ATV out of the sand}