Baby Eliu

A young lady in our church gave birth to her baby boy last November. All signs up to the birth pointed to a healthy baby, but unfortunately he was born without his lungs fully developed, completely unable to breathe on his own. Our church began to pray. The doctors told his mother that he wouldn’t make it through the first week. Then that he wouldn’t make it through the first month. After that they told her that her life would be over as she knew it, if she decided to care for him and they advised her to just take the baby home and let him pass away. She refused to give up on her son. Even if it meant countless nights without sleep and multiple surgeries in her son’s future. He was transferred to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, given a tracheotomy and put on a hospital breathing machine.  He showed amazing signs of improvement and after 6 months in the hospital, I am happy to report that baby Eliu has come home!  We went to visit him last weekend and he’s already gaining weight as a happy baby should.  It was blessing to witness the strength, resolve and faith of his mother.  Eliu is still on the trache and he has an inability to swallow so he has to be constantly monitored and his nose wiped every few minutes.  His mother stays with him all day and during the night takes turns watching him in shifts with her sister.  9pm-1am, then her sister, 1am to 5am.  The doctors are amazed at his progress and his prognosis is good. They are now predicting he will have the trache removed in a year and ultimately be able to live life as any other normal kid.  It brought me such joy to see this little miracle in action and reminds me that the power of prayer is that it releases us from our own power, especially at times when we have none over our situation.  It positions us to embrace the “not my will but thine be done” attitude before God which accepts that there is a larger plan than we may realize and we are not calling the shots of that plan.  Our responsibility is to ask our Heavenly Father to heal and then leave it up to Him.  What great joy it brings when He sees fit to answer our prayers.