Birthday Weekend

I celebrated another year of health and strength this weekend and stopping to reflect on God’s grace in my life, I was overcome by emotion. I do not fit the mold of a Pastor’s Wife, and yet I am blessed to have the most wonderful husband and be able to help others through my life with him. I was not a child of privilege yet I attended one of the most expensive Universities in the country. I am not a salesy person, but I somehow have one of the most prestigious sales jobs on the planet. I did not want to have children of my own, but I ended up having a son who overwhelms my heart with joy. Most of all, I am but dust, yet Christ died for me. That alone would have been enough. Thank you Lord for your amazing grace.

{I finally figured out how to use Instagram! I posted this of my commute home.  You can follow me at “allthingsgraceful”}

{We had my birthday dinner at Anqi, in South Coast Plaza}

{I enjoyed poolside chips and guac at the Westin South Coast Plaza where we stayed}

{I spent my birthday shopping for an outfit for NY Fashion Week & settled on this Alice & Olivia number.  Leather Top, open back, tulle skirt.  When else will I get to dress like this?}