Brooklyn Tabernacle

Being that my husband is a Pastor, we don’t often get to visit other Sunday services except when we’re on vacation. While we were in NY, we visited the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Their commitment to prayer and their heart for the people of Brooklyn is legendary in Christian circles. It is such an unassuming place from the outside, just a humble door you might easily miss as you’re passing by on the street, but as soon as you enter you are blown away by the immensity of the Church inside. The high ornate ceilings, and marble mosaic tile floors are awe inspiring but they pale in comparison to the music. ┬áTo find our way to the sanctuary we just followed the singing of the famous Grammy Award Winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. The angelic sounds kept me weeping for most of the service. Pastor Jim Cymbala spoke about the way God uses your current situation to shape you for great things. You may feel like you are not doing anything special with your life by working at your job everyday or staying home to raise your kids, but your faithfulness in these little things will prove to be the foundation for greatness later. God is using these things to shape you and prepare you for a special something He has created you for to accomplish. Hope in Him. Jesus said “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much” Luke 16:10.

{The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir}

{After service we walked to Brooklyn Bridge Park to admire the scenes of the city}