Child Sponsorship

I have had a heart for children since I was a child. I can remember in 3rd grade coming home from Catholic school with a little cardboard box, in the shape of a church, with a slit in the top to collect coins for the starving children in Ethiopia. I filled that box to the full and was so happy to feel I was making a difference in the life of another child. As an adult I’ve found various ways to extend this difference, one of which being child sponsorship. With one child in El Salvador (on behalf of my children’s ministry at Hope Chapel) and one child in Haiti, I had enjoyed sponsorship for years but lately started having reservations about how much of a difference my sponsorship really could be making a world away.  Then I read this article which actually chronicled the impact of Compassion International Child Sponsorship and proved that it works. What was the main differentiator between sponsored and unsponsored children? Surprisingly, it was hope.   Sponsored children see the world differently because they have hope.  It expands children’s views about their own possibilities. Sponsored children are taught that they have each been given special gifts from God to benefit their communities and are given help to develop those gifts.  I was so inspired by the research and so proud of Compassion International for being brave enough to participate in the study that I sponsored three more children.  I can’t think of a better way to invest that gives a better rate of return.