Children’s Hunger Fund

Children's Hunger FundLast week I was able to take a day and volunteer with Luke’s school at the Children’s Hunger Fund in Sylmar, CA. This is such an amazing organization. They recently passed the milestone of giving away $1Billion in aid, yet their entire organization only has 50 employees! They ship food packs to pastors in remote regions all over the world where there is greatest need. The pastors and their congregations hand deliver the food packs to the homes of those in need. It’s the purest form of the church truly being the body of Christ- the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.

Weighing Beans

{the kids packed bags of beans, weighed them and then secured them}

Securing the beans

{the key was not to spill any of the beans. ┬áIt was a great test of the kids’ concentration}


{Luke loved it}

2,000 Beans

{Altogether the kids packed over 2,000 bags of beans that day}


Children's Hunger Fund

Hope to the world

{I love their Mission- “Delivering Hope Around the World”}