Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015We had a lovely Christmas holiday.  Christmas Eve we opened gifts from my Mom and my brother. Jeff’s Mom joined us Christmas morning and Jeff’s daughters came over for Christmas stockings and lunch.  The day after Christmas we went to my Aunt’s house in Hawthorne to see all my family.  This was definitely the year of Pokemon, as it dominated Luke’s wish list, but Star Wars made a nice showing as well.  We’ve tried to tone down his unending slew of Christmas gifts to the rule of 4 (1) something you want, 2) something you need, 3) something to wear and 4) something to read) but he always ends up with a bit more than that.  Here are some photos from Christmas morning.

Pokemon Calendar

{I didn’t even think Luke knew how to use a calendar, but he loved this one from Uncle Dan}

Star Wars

{Captain Phasma helmet, also courtesy of Uncle Dan}

World's Largest Gummy Bear

{World’s Largest Gummy Bear.  Yes, it’s really edible}

Nike KD

{Nike KD’s were Luke’s “something to wear” gift from us}

Pokemon Trainer Box

{Pokemon Elite trainer box from Mema}

Luke and Mema

{Luke and his Mema}


{Pokemon Pikachu Ex from Luke’s Beautiful Grandma in South Carolina}


{Pokemon Mega Absol Ex too}