Church Beach Day

Church Beach DayWe had our annual Hope Chapel Beach Day last weekend at Zuma Beach in Malibu.  Jeff hosted free surf lessons for everyone and it was a beautiful day.  Luke and I didn’t surf, he boogie boarded and I took photos but we had the most fun.

Church Beach Day

{Jeff brought our collection of Roberts’ boards.  Robert Wiener, the shaper of Roberts’ boards is Jeff’s best friend from elementary school.  We have three custom boards from him}

church beach day

{Step 1: Paddle}

Church Beach day


Church Beach Day

{Step 2: Pop up}

Church Beach Day

{Step 3: Keep feet perpendicular to the middle of the board line}

Church beach day

{get in the water}


{Sweet success}




{My favorite highlight was watching little Grace ride the whitewater on the boogie board.  It was her first time and she did so with the same courage she fought Leukemia with last year.  It was such a joy to see her running around with so much energy and loving life again}

Zuma Beach