City Girl

NYGrowing up, we moved around more often than I’d care to remember. My childhood journey took me from Los Angeles,CA to Buffalo, NY, to Rockville, MD to Farmington, NH to Milton, NH.  Ultimately, I chose to go back to California when I graduated High School but up until then my longest stay was New Hampshire, where we lived in the country.  Our house had a pond in the backyard surrounded by a forest. There were no sidewalks, no street signs and my closest friend in Jr. High lived on a working farm in a house over 100 years old with secret passages in the walls that were once used in the Underground RailroadI have precious memories from that time in the country- water sports on the lake, my first job picking strawberries at McKenzie Farm and my small town experience overall, but nothing makes me happier than being in a big city and New York City is the best big city in the world.  The awesomeness of the buildings, the energy of the people and the creativity that abounds everywhere you look just makes me smile.  I can’t even explain it.  Simple things like the architecture of old churches and the wonder of parks in the midst of the concrete jungle just make me thankful for the experience of having visited.