Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife

Lakers ClippersThis week I got to bring along my two favorite boys to the Clippers/Lakers game where I was hosting a client event in our VIP suite. Incredibly, I realized it was the first time Jeff was able to come along with me to an event in the suite (#terriblewife). As I was sitting there watching the game with them, I was thinking about God’s grace to me that I should be the one in charge of this suite for our clients. You see, 16 years ago, I did something I was so ashamed of that I could not imagine ever being trusted with VIP tickets again.  I was working for KCAL-9, a local news station in LA and was given two tickets to their suite for a Kings Game in Anaheim. I was so excited to go with my then boyfriend but he canceled on me at the last minute.  I was determined to go anyway and have a great experience so I drove all the way to Anaheim by myself and as I was walking into the arena, a man asked me if I had any extra tickets. Realizing I had the extra ticket in my pocket from my boyfriend and feeling terrible that it was going to go to waste, I said “yes! I have an extra ticket!”. The man said, thanks so much and offered me $20 for it. I said “Sure. No problem!” and walked away happy that at least someone was going to be able to use the ticket. The next morning the VP of Sales called me into his office and asked me what I did with my extra ticket. I proudly said “Oh, I sold it to someone who needed an extra”. “Well”, he said, “that someone came into our VIP suite and was eating our food and hitting on our clients and had to be escorted out”.  It turned out I had unknowingly sold my VIP ticket to a scalper.  All of the color drained from my face.  I was mortified and immediately began to cry. “I am so sorry”,  I said.  “I didn’t mean for that to happen at all, I thought I was doing a good deed. I didn’t want it to go to waste!” He told me that people had been fired for much less than this, but he was going to let me go, pending I never let it happen again. Later that day I ran into the SVP of Sales in the stairwell who looked at me as I was hanging my head and he smiled “we’re all young and dumb once” he said, and walked on.  It took me a long time to get over that painful mistake.  Thinking back on that bad decision all those years ago, the fact that I could be the one now responsible for hosting an entire event in a VIP suite was so amazing.  It was God’s grace to me then and it is God’s grace to me now.  For His grace I am forever grateful.

Jeff and Lisa