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Purchase CollegeLast week we journeyed to New York City for my little sister’s graduation from SUNY Purchase in White Plains. My sister is an artist and her dream of a getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree has been a long time coming. She took an unconventional road to success, joining the Navy at 18 and serving nearly 8 years, then finding the right school that would support her artwork and using her G.I. bill to pay for it. She was told growing up that she would never be able to make a living doing art, but she didn’t listen. Over the years, she worked part time and went to school.  It was difficult but she didn’t give up. She not only completed her degree but she found a job and will begin working in metal installation upon graduation with her ultimate sights set on working as a sculptor for The Foundry in Brooklyn.  She embodies the American Dream and I am so proud of her!

Teresa Graduation

Teresa Graduation

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