Digging Dinos

Digging DinosLately Luke and his friends have been obsessed with digging for dinosaur bones. They’ve been digging up the backyard looking for everything from fossils to diamonds, smashing rocks open with hammers to see if there are hidden gems inside and then looking up their findings on the internet. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the chances of finding diamonds in the San Fernando Valley dirt are slim to none. Instead we took the opportunity to encourage his adventurous spirit and show him some real fossils that had been discovered. We headed downtown to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History where we took in all the dinosaur sights.

Natural History Museum

{Tip: if you didn’t pre-purchase tickets, just buy them from your phone and then cut to the “ticket holders” entrance line which is much shorter}

T Rex Head

{Huge T-Rex head}


{Luke was most fascinated by the fossils found in the rocks of course}


{these were discovered in Kansas}


{Luke learned how to read the reference boxes to find the discovery sites}

T Rex Foot

{T-Rex foot}


{this fossil was as big as Luke}

luke and dad

{Jeff is actually the one who has the most fun at this place}

Science Center

{We tried to see the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Science Center but it was sold out so Luke posed for a picture instead}Gone with the Wind Dress

{My highlight of the Natural History Museum was the dress from Gone With the Wind, of course}