Disneyland Detour

Disneyland CastleOn Friday we pretended to drive Luke to school and then took a detour to Disneyland instead as a reward for his outstanding behavior in school for the past few weeks. It ended up being the perfect day to go because the lines were not completely unbearable and the weather was sunny and 80º.


{Luke’s face when he asked where we were going.. since the streets didn’t look familiar..and we said “We’re going to Disneyland!”}


{I will have a collection of these photos in front of Mickey from all of our trips over the years but even then I’m sure these boys won’t thank me for always making them pose in front of it}

Thunder Mountain

{First stop is always Thunder Mountain.  Although I heard they are closing it soon to replace it with something new.  We will miss it}

Indiana Jones

{Doesn’t he look so grown up in this photo? Yikes}


{I much prefer him like this}

Indiana Jones

{Indiana Jones broke down while we were in line.. again! Always seems to happen to us on this ride}


{my brother joined us this trip}

Star Wars

{We caught the new Star Tours ride which incorporated The Force Awakens characters}

Haunted Mansion

{Luke finally conquered his fear of Haunted Mansion and rode it for the first time.  I’m not a fan of the ride but I was proud of him for overcoming his fear}


{Another Disney memory}


{The view of the Disneyland Fireworks from our hotel room}