DivergentIf you have not seen the movie or read the book, {Divergent}, I urge you to. It is a story of courage in the midst of fear.  In it, the protagonist, Tris, has to face choosing which group will define her in society for the rest of her life.  Which group she will belong to and be faithful to above her own family. There are five choices- {Candor}, who value honesty, {Abnegation}, who value selflessness, {Erudite}, who value intelligence, {Amity}, who value kindness and {Dauntless}, who value bravery.  The problem arises when she doesn’t fit neatly into any one category, she is Divergent, which means having no finite limits. I was so impacted by this story because we all struggle to find our place in the world, we all ask “where do I belong?” and I struggle as much as anyone.  Some of us choose our place and others, like myself, stumble upon it.  I took the {faction quiz} at the end of the book and I would most likely be in the Candor or Abnegation camp.  Translate that to my real-life factions and as a Candor, I am an unlikely candidate for sales, especially advertising sales. Salespeople are not exactly famous for being truth-tellers.  It’s even more unlikely that God would land me in ad sales, in light of my values which align with Abnegation. Selfishness is probably a much more prominent characteristic than selflessness in sales.  I was once told by a stranger that “advertising is a slut business and you should leave”. But God has placed me here, none-the-less. He has also positioned me as a Pastor’s wife, which is a whole other “faction” of its own.  There, I deal with my success being seen as materialistic.  In the advertising world I risk people thinking I’m crazy for believing in God and prayer.  Luckily, our identity does not need to be based on our faction.  My identity is in Christ.  I live for Him and He knows me.  The truest me, in the depths of my soul and He will ultimately be my judge.  It is this truth that makes me brave to live my life unapologetically and to take up my station in life, dual though it may seem, to reach as many as I can with the message that Jesus loves them by the way that I live.  It is this truth that makes me divergent.