As the Director of Children’s Ministry for my church, I have the exquisite pleasure of teaching the Bible to children on a regular basis. This year, I created an Easter Discovery Walk out of the acronym “EASTER” to take children through the story of the gospel from the very beginning, starting with the Garden of Eden, Adam, Sin (Genesis 1-3) and then telling them how to Trust in Jesus for Eternal Life (Romans 10:9) and that we can depend on that promise because of the Resurrection (John 11:25). We ended the morning with an Easter Egg Hunt. Teaching is twice taught, so even after hearing this┬ástory 25 years over, I always get way more out of these messages than my kids do. Thanking God for the power of the Holy Spirit who continues to reveal new truths to me as I seek to follow Him closer.

{So excited about our new classroom whiteboard wall and flat screens}