Fishing & Dirtbikes

FishingI have been traveling for business a lot more than normal lately and missing my boys. Last week, Jeff took Luke out of Summer Camp for the day and went deep-sea fishing in the Channel Islands, off the coast of Ventura, CA. They both caught their limit in fish and Luke apparently was the star that day. I’m so glad they can have times like these together. I pray they will be lasting memories for Luke when he grows up.



{I could not believe Luke caught this fish by himself, but that’s how the story went}

Fishing boat

{They said the boat was going “up and down” the whole time.  When they got home Luke said, “Dad, why do I still feel like I’m going up and down?” The joys of deep sea fishing…}


{On the way home, they stopped at Luke’s cousin’s house and a dirt bike ride opportunity presented itself.  He’s now obsessed with dirt bikes. Thanks Jeff!}