Flame Pizzeria

Flame PizzeriaFriday night is Pizza night at our house. Typically we order delivery but last Friday Luke and I ventured out to give Dad some quiet time to work on his Thesis. We Googled “best pizza in the valley” and Yelp rated Flame Pizzeria at the top. It was only 10 minutes from our house so we decided to give it a shot. This Pizzeria has a great story behind it. The chef, Richard Florczak, had been a personal chef to various celebrities for the past 20 years -Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Leonardo DiCaprio & Jennifer Garner to name a few.  He built a wood fired pizza oven in his home and that changed everything.  He spent the next five years perfecting his pizza dough recipe and now he makes each and every pizza personally in full view of the customers at his shop, Flame Pizzeria.  The margarita pizza was delicious. Although, they don’t deliver so Luke and I may have to do Pizza night out more often.

Flame PizzeriaFlame PizzeriaFlame Pizzeria