God’s Love

Our church likens itself to a spiritual hospital- a place where people can come and be accepted just as they are, often spiritually hurting, and find healing.  We also believe that the church exists for the world, not to be shut out from the world, so we look for practical ways to show God’s love to our local community.  This weekend we hosted our second free pancake breakfast for Cohasset Street in Canoga Park, a highly drug trafficked and gang concentrated area of the community.  The word on the street is that “once you end up on Cohasset Street, you never get out.  If the drugs don’t get you, the gangs will”.   Hope Chapel is committed to changing that reality, one life at a time.

 The recipe for change: two propane pancake grills, 125 chairs, 15 tables, one puppet stage, 2 pinatas, a storytime table, a face painting tent, 2,000 pancakes and 50 volunteers sharing God’s love.

{I read to children the story of the Good Samaritan in my home-made storyteller hat}

{The piñatas were invincible.  It took 3 swings from every child plus a few volunteers to break them}