Grace House

Grace HouseOn my way to catch the train last week, I happened to walk by this church and the sign stopped me in my tracks. “Grace House” was written on the gate and a nearby sign said “we’re open. come in and pray”.  Of course I had to pop in for a moment.  The beautiful stained glass windows and old school pews reminded me of my days in Catholic school.  So much had been going on in my life and though I’d started that day in prayer, I’d been running so fast I was nearly on empty by mid-afternoon and I still had so much more to tackle ahead of me on into the evening.  I sat down in a pew toward the back, bowed my head and thanked God for His grace to me. I felt peace flow over me like a river.  Just the thought that God knows exactly what we need before we ask Him and that He knew I needed to pass by this place that day brought me such comfort.  NYC really does have everything, including a quiet place to stop in the myriad of things going on all around you, in order to breathe, pray and regain your peace.

Grace HouseGrace HouseGrace House{Grace Church, 802 Broadway NY, NY.  I encourage you to stop in. It’s worth it}

Grace Church