Easter TombAs a Pastor’s wife I witness so much pain. People’s marriages crumbling, their health failing, death of loved ones, abuse, loss of jobs, loss of homes, the list goes on. I am accustomed to getting calls with bad news because I am often called upon to pray for people in their darkest hours. This weekend I got a particularly difficult call. One of my closest friend’s 4 year old girl, Grace, was diagnosed with Leukemia. They rushed her to the ER at UCLA Children’s Hospital for treatment and more tests. Jeff and I were out of town for a wedding that we had planned into an extended getaway. I broke down in prayer when I heard the news. The Bible calls us to pray without ceasing but you don’t really understand what that commission means until you are so desperate for God to hear you that you can’t stop praying for someone. As Jeff and I went about our weekend plans my heart and my thoughts were toward Grace. We came home to find out that Grace has the most curable type of Leukemia there is, she is undergoing treatment and her prognosis is very good. Her family felt a peace throughout the weekend that they did not expect. God does not promise we will not have trials but he promises to be with us through every trial we have to face. Please pray with me for Grace that God will have mercy on this little one and grant her a speedy recovery. That her family will come through this fire refined as gold. That God will be glorified somehow through this.  I trust that He will because He promised He would.

“And we know that God causes ALL things to work together for GOOD to those who love God” Romans 8:28