Graceful Giving

My husband and I ventured to Walmart for our Christmas Tree hunt this year.  We chose our tree in about 10 seconds flat.  He went to pay for it while I was picked out sparkly things (see above photo).  After being gone quite some time he returned with this beautiful story.  The woman ahead of him in line was almost through checking out her groceries when she started taking things off of the belt and putting them aside.  He asked if there was something wrong with the vegetables.  Timidly she said, no, I am over my budget. My husband looked at the checker and said “just put it on my tab, it’s no problem”.  The woman was
very thankful and said she was here from Texas with her 4 kids as missionaries
to serve a convalescent home in Pacoima. They were all staying in one room and were short on money.  By this time the checker finished putting the
items through and my husband swiped his card unknowingly paying for ALL of the woman’s groceries.   When he saw that the total was for everything he shrugged and signed the receipt anyway.  The woman was overwhelmed with emotion.  She began to cry and say “no one has ever done anything like this for me before”.  The checker couldn’t stop smiling.  The people behind and to the sides of themwere smiling and saying “look what’s happening, its Christmas isn’t this wonderful?”  It’s amazing to me how an act of kindness can just seem to ripple out like a water droplets on a glassy pool.  I love it how a simple trip to Walmart can turn into an opportunity for touching someone’s life.  I just wish I had been there to witness it!

{Our Walmart Tree Before}

{And After}