Healthy Mini Mac and Cheese

I made macaroni and cheese in ramekins for the pumpkin carving party last Saturday. Typically one should avoid making home made mac and cheese because of the work involved combined with the fat content and high glycemic index but for some reason those factors go out the window whenever I throw a party. Using recipes here, here and here, I was able to put my own healthy spin on this classic dish making it a-bit-less-guilty indulgence.

{Started with 2% Lowfat Sharp Cheddar}

{For the rue, I used whole wheat flour instead of white, nonfat milk instead of whole and zero butter}

(I prefer the taste and texture of Ricotta over Cottage Cheese so that was my other healthy substitute}

{I used high fiber pasta shells and incorporated the superfood broccoli}

{Combined them all together}

{Filled the Ramekins, topped with parmesan, breadcrumbs & olive oil.  Baked until crisp}