Hope Chapel Honolulu

Hope Chapel HonoluluWhile we were in Hawaii, we had the good fortune of our flight being delayed on Sunday which allowed us the extra time to visit our sister church, Hope Chapel Honolulu, which is a recent church plant out of Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay, now called Anchor church.  Ralph Moore is the founder of both and he is the one who started the entire Hope Chapel movement in Hermosa Beach, CA so many years ago.   Because of Ralph, there are now over 3,000 Hope Chapels around the world and our church, Hope Chapel of the Valley, was one of the very first to come out of Hope Chapel Hermosa, so Ralph is Jeff’s Pastor.  We had a great time seeing him and his wife Ruby and learning about how they are still going strong with their mission of being a local/Global church.  They’re getting ready to send a team to Japan and Africa this year to plant more churches and train leaders.  It’s amazing to be part of such a wonderful church family that cares so much about bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to our hurting world that is so desperately in need of hearing the good news- that God loves all of us, just as we are and made a way for all of us  to be forgiven for all we are not.

“For by grace we have been saved through faith and that not of ourselves, it is the gift of God” – Ephesians 2:8

Hope Chapel Honolulu

Pastor Ralph Moore

Pastor Ralph was actually speaking the day we visited which was an even more amazing treat because he is usually traveling.

His Needs/Her Needs

He happened to be preaching on the antidote to Adultery.   These slides have insights taken from the book, His Needs/Her Needs. Pretty funny but true.

Mens Needs

We could all do well to pay attention to these needs of each other in our marriages.

Hope Chapel Honolulu

For the sake of our kids.. loving each other well is so important.  I was thankful for the reminder of how to be a better wife.