Hope Restored

Three months ago when I got the call that my brother had fallen from the hospital roof (two stories) and shattered both wrists, broken his pelvis, and fractured his face I could hardly contain my emotion.  Fear and sadness gripped my soul.  I cried out to God, whom the Bible calls our ever present help in times of trouble.  I asked him to somehow turn this terrible situation into something for my brother’s good.  God answered that prayer. My brother was released from the hospital on Saturday and spent the weekend with us.  He is healthier mentally than he has been in a long time.  He is walking without assistance.  He is drawing again.  Today he begins rehab and I believe this new chapter of his life will finally unfold to reveal the true self he has been striving to find all these years.  In church on Sunday he turned to me and said “I’ve got good news… I got some of my hope back today”.   The tears began to flow from both our eyes.  God’s grace is sufficient for me.