Jesus Calling

Jesus CallingSince Luke was about 4 years old we’ve included him in our morning quiet time tradition, which involves reading the Bible, journaling and prayer.  We’ve used various little children’s devotionals over the years with him but this year we’ve really enjoyed the Jesus Calling for kids devotional.  I forget it’s a children’s devotional in fact because so many mornings, reading that little book has spoken to the very core of my being, addressed the exact issues I had been struggling with and drawn me in closer to remind me that simply trusting Jesus, loving God and loving others as myself are my pinnacle responsibilities.  Lately, we’ve taken our morning tradition outdoors to the patio and gathered around the fire pit to enjoy our coffee and conversation amidst the early morning air.  It’s been in these times that Luke opens up about his own thoughts on God and the Bible and prayer.  We share praise reports of what prayers God has answered and we talk about the prayers He has said no to as well.

Jesus CallingThis weekend we got a “no” answer from God when He took little Bailey home.  We were praying for her healing and long life in the Earth for her, but on Friday we heard that she lost her battle with cancer.  In our quiet time I shared the news with Luke and told him that while we may ask for what we think is best for others, God ultimately knows better than we do and He is trustworthy because He loves us.  That’s when Luke opened up and said “sometimes I’m afraid of death.  I’m afraid that God won’t take me”.   We told him that he doesn’t have to be afraid because God promised a Messiah to save us from our sins and that Messiah is Jesus, He is the lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world. Jesus asks us to believe in Him and follow Him but we are not reconciled with God ultimately because of what we do, we are brought back to God because of what Jesus has done on our behalf.  The ultimate sacrifice for sin. Once, for ALL.  Then Luke said something that warmed my heart.  “yeah, I’m not afraid of death because God created me for a purpose and I’m not going to die until I accomplish that purpose”.  I thought about that in light of Bailey’s death and realized that while this broken world may have cut her life short, she did not die without purpose.  Her life glorified God. I hope our lives will do the same.