KokkariMy favorite restaurant in San Francisco is Kokkari. I’m not sure if it’s the working fire spit in the main dining room, the Oriental rugs on the wall or the the high ceilings that make the place feel so homey but the atmosphere feels so warm and relaxing. The food is authentic Greek and the home-made pita bread is so good that I could make a meal out of in itself.  Order the Tirokafteri, which is a feta-based dip made with peppers and lemon juice and I’m not sure what other ingredients but it adds up to pure yummy goodness.  The branzino (European sea bass) melts in your mouth.  Depending on the size of your party, you may need to make reservations at least three weeks in advance but it’s worth it.

Fire Spit

{they were roasting a lamb the night I went}

Kokkari ceilings

{high ceilings make the place feel open and larger than it is}

Kokkari Kitchen

{some tables offer views of the open kitchen}


{forgot to mention the lamb meatballs and the beet & yogurt salad. Both are a must}