Labor Day Getaway 2015

Luke and Me palm springs labor day 2015Labor Day is our one last-ditch-effort to make the most of family time before Summer is officially over. This year Jeff had a Wedding to go on Saturday so Luke and I headed out to Palm Springs on our own and Jeff met us there on Sunday. It was a blessing to get one full day and night with Luke, just me and him. He is growing up so fast and this year has been such a crazy one for me with all the work travel that it was nice to have some quality time together. We stayed at our favorite, the Westin Mission HIlls Villas, where we rode water slides, played video games and ate lots of junk food. We missed you Daddy!

Luke Palm springs

{we stopped on the side of the road to take some photos and Luke was determined to collect some of the “hot” desert rocks.  It was 109° so those rocks were very hot}

Fearless photo

{Luke being Fearless}

Westin Mission Villas

{Our arrival at the Westin Mission Villas}

Luke Palm Spring Labor Day 2015

{Trying to get Luke not to climb the trees}

Westin Mission Villas

{Relaxing in our room}

Luke Football

{trying to relax I should say.. Luke was trying to get me to play football on the couch}


{We did get some football time in}

Luke and Jeff

{When Daddy joined us Luke climbed on his shoulders, I think this is the last year for that}

Luke and Dad

{Too bright. Hurry and take the picture Mom!}

Air Hockey

{I kicked Luke’s butt at air hockey}

Luke Motorcycle

{Luke kicked my butt at the motorcycle game}