Ralph MooreWhen we arrived for our church denomination’s regional Pastor’s Conference I was delighted to find that the guest speaker was Pastor Ralph Moore, founder of the Hope Chapel church movement and personal mentor to my husband.  Ralph spoke about how our actions, little though they may seem, will matter 100 years from now.  He told story after story of ways that people throughout history took the time to love the people around them and it made an impact on the generations after them.  One woman was Henrietta Mears, a Sunday School teacher who took the time to mentor 8 boys every Saturday morning by serving pancakes at her house.  One of those boys went on to found Campus Crusade for Christ, which in the past 50 years has brought the [Gospel] of Jesus Christ to more than 3 billion people.  Our actions today, matter for tomorrow.  Ralph said “you have no idea what child in your sunday school will grow up to be a world changer”, which spoke to me as a Sunday School teacher.  He also used my husband, Jeff, as an example of someone whose seemingly small contribution made a big impact.  Ralph sent Jeff out of Hope Chapel Hermosa over 30 years ago to plant Hope Chapel of the Valley.  Jeff sent out a guy to plant a church in New Hampshire who sent out another guy that planted 35 churches.  Ralph continues to inspire Jeff all these years later, simply because he believed in my husband. Small thing, big impact.