Life Lessons on the Court

Basketball LessonsI played basketball in Jr. High and High School and I remember being so dedicated to the sport that I’d practice in 20° weather in my New Hampshire driveway. Over the holiday break, I promised to take Luke to play basketball but when we arrived at the only outdoor court I knew of in our area, it was under construction. No game that day. Imagine our delight when a week later we discovered that our gym was offering “family time” on the indoor court Saturdays and Sundays from 11-3pm (typically kids under 13 are not allowed on the court even with their parents). On our first basketball date, we focused on the basics- layups and free-throws.  He was doing ok with his layups but when he got to the foul line all of his shots were falling short of the backboard. I told him the power was in his legs and he had to bend his knees and push the force all the way up through his fingertips.

Basketball lessons

He tried and tried again, each time getting closer to the backboard, then finally hitting it.  The next step was focusing the energy toward the hoop.  He kept trying but after about 20 minutes he still hadn’t made a shot and he wanted to give up.  “That it, I can’t do it. Let’s go home”, he said.  Basketball lessons

{I recognized this as a teachable moment and told him he couldn’t quit.  He had to keep trying.  He was so mad at me for not letting him go home, he threw the ball with all he had within him and sunk the next shot}

Basketball lessons

{When I asked him later what he learned at basketball he said “I learned not to give up today”.  Good life lesson}