Memory Lane

Pepperdine UniversityOn day two of my best friend’s birthday celebration, we headed out to Malibu for a tour down memory lane where our friendship all began 23 years ago- [Pepperdine University]. It was so restorative to walk around and remember all the little things that bound us together so closely all those years ago.  We marveled at how much we failed to appreciate our surroundings at the time. (Like we couldn’t wait to move to the Valley where there was a mall)  What was wrong with us?! We contemplated whether our kids would want to come here and decided it didn’t matter, we’d be sending them anyway because it is the best school in the world.  So much had changed but some things stayed the same like how easy it was to take a nap in the library in front of the window overlooking the Pacific, which I aptly did.  All in, it was a great day.


{The mailboxes.  I remember the daily disappointment of checking mine to only find it empty}

Smothers Theater

{Smothers Theater where I worked selling tickets to shows}

Dorm 6

{Dorm 6.  The place we met Freshman year}

Pepperdine Library

{the library}

Pepperdine Library

Library View

{the library view}

Pepperdine Sports

{Pepperdine Waves}

Pepperdine International Program

{International Program.  I had the privilege of staying in Florence, Italy}


{Peaceful campus benches}

Pepperdine Theme Tower

{Theme tower.  We joked about the amount of times we threatened each other to jump off if we didn’t find husbands by the age of 30}

The Caf

{the Caf. Now completely remodeled with lots of healthy alternatives.  I could have used those to save me from the “Freshman 15”}

Pepperdine Motto

{The Pepperdine Motto}

Pepperdine Campus

{the Quad}

The Quad

Pepperdine Scripture

{Shining reminder}

Coral Beach Cantina

{Our local off campus haunt}

Veggie Burrito

{Our favorite college meal, Veggie Burrito with special sauce}