Messy Bob 2

Messy BobThe combination of weather and everyday heat styling had left my hair dry and unmanageable. Jamie Alexander, star of Blindspot, serves up some serious messy bob inspiration so I took a few pins of her into my local Aveda salon and consulted with my colorist and stylist to see if they could emulate the look. I was so excited with the result. It’s my first ever bob and I’m loving it.  Poor Luke was not so thrilled.  When I walked in the door he went into the other room and put a blanket over his head.. I think the change was a bit jarring but he told me it’s growing on him.


{I wore my natural curls in for the consult so they could see my hair’s texture and assess how best to cut it}


{Chopped. Nice and sleek}


{Added Texture}

Aveda Kriza

{My talented Colorist, Alina and Stylist, Hannah at Aveda Kriza Salon in Westfield Topanga}

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