Mexican Meatballs

Mexican MeatballsIn an effort to use the turkey meat in our fridge before it went bad last week, I searched “ground turkey recipes” and found a few meatballs recipes, one that involved coating the meatballs with sauce and then broiling them. This inspired me to search the pantry for any type of sauce we might have and I came up with Enchilada sauce. I thought, what if I made Mexican meatballs and seasoned them like I do for tacos? I found this Momtastic recipe for home-made taco seasoning and the result was an amazing batch of Mexican Meatballs that I ate half of all by myself!

Taco Seasoning Recipe{Homemade taco seasoning recipe: oregano, paprika, cayenne, & cumin}

Mexican meatballs{I sprinkled the seasoning over the meatballs, then seared them in 1 tbsp olive oil}

Mexican meatballs{Once browned, I added 1/4 can Enchilada sauce to the meatballs and brought to a boil}

Mexican meatballs{Covered and let them cook through for 3-5 minutes}

Mexican MeatballsRefried beans{heated a can of refried beans}

Mexican Meatballs{served the Mexican Meatballs over a bed of refried beans and garnished with shredded kale}