Minecraft Party

Minecraft Mural We celebrated Luke’s 7th birthday last weekend with a Minecraft theme. If you’re over the age of 10 you probably have no idea what Minecraft is, but its an online survival game that has gained a worldwide following.  Luke was introduced to it by one of our neighbor friends and has loved playing it ever since.  I thought it would be fun to bring the game to life in a party environment and ChooseAwesome had the best ideas all in one place so that served as my go-to place for party inspiration.  Here’s how it went.

Creeper Invitation


{I chose the Minecraft Creeper character for the invites and feedback was most kids screamed when they opened them.  Most parents had no idea why they were so excited}

Minecraft Mural

{I found the idea for the Minecraft Mural here on Pinterest. My husband and my brother helped me hang it}

TNT Piñata

{For the TNT Piñata, I bought a regular piñata from Target and used white & black crepe paper around the center to make the TNT. Easy}


{Thank God the rain cleared up just in time to bust the piñata open in the backyard}

Minecraft Food

Minecraft Water

{For the tablescape, I used this incredible pop up grass from Amazon and filled glass containers with watermelon (melon), pretzel sticks (sticks), blackberries (coal), carrots and cookies. I used these printable minecraft food signs from Choose Awesome and ordered pizza from Costco}

Minecraft Cake

{I followed this Minecraft cake tutorial from HowToCookThat to make the cake.  It was my third attempt at working with fondant so it wasn’t perfect but it was fun to make}

Minecraft Cake Lit

Minecraft Cake

{I baked three square cakes.  The yellow was a box mix and the chocolate recipe is here}

Minecraft Photo Booth

{We staged a photo booth with Minecraft Masks & Diamond Wrapped cork squares}

Minecraft Photo Booth

{I took kids pictures in front of the backdrop and sent the prints to their parents in the thank you notes}

Minecraft Game{We brought the Minecraft game to life with these crafting table stations and cardboard cutouts that corresponded to crafting recipes to win prizes.  It was such fun for the kids}

Minecraft Crafting Recipes {Minecraft Crafting recipes & game idea courtesy of Choose Awesome}

Minecraft Blocks

{Minecraft Blocks from Choose Awesome}

Minecraft Prizes

{The prizes ranged from stickers to jar of coal (black licorice bites) jar of iron ore (hershey kisses) to diamond swords and pickaxes which we made ourselves out of cardboard]

Minecraft Favors

{The favor bags were key for the kids to collect their prizes/game blocks & piñata candy throughout the afternoon}

Minecraft Stencil

{We made the favor bags from simple green bags, a creeper stencil & black tape}


{The priceless moment- Luke finally got his Nintendo 3DS which he had been waiting for since he was 3 and counting the years.. until he turned 7 to receive it}

Minecraft Thank You Note

{I designed the Minecraft thank you notes and printed them on green card stock}