Missional Life

Missional LifeDr. Michael Frost, an Australian Author, Pastor and Professor spoke at our Pastor’s conference about the idea of living your life on mission. The mission being to live our lives in such a way that allows people to experience reconciliation, justice, beauty and healing.  I thought about this in light of the evening before when I had walked out on the beach by myself in prayer.  How I had cried out to God to show me how to live my life as a better picture of his Glory and the freedom and joy he offers.  Soon after my walk on the beach I received an email from the mother of one of the kids at Luke’s school whom Luke has been having a hard time with for years.  She said Luke ran up to her after school and told her “we’re getting along much better now!” and how it had blessed her so much to hear that.  It blessed me even more because for the past two weeks I had been teaching Luke the power of forgiveness and prayer for others who have hurt us.  When we pray for others who have hurt us God often changes our own hearts toward them.  It was such a pure picture of reconciliation.  Dr. Frost’s lecture was a gentle answer to my prayer on the beach simply because it opened my mind to see that the little things we do can make a big impact in God’s world. Live your life in a way that brings reconciliation that brings justice, that brings beauty and that brings healing to people and you will live a truly missional life.

Bird on the Beach

{As I prayed I felt like this bird on the beach. Such a small creature in front of a huge sea. How could my life possibly make an impact?}

God's Beauty

{The beauty of this sunset brought me peace that it is not up to me to make an impact.  It is  God who has the power to use my life to make an impact for his Glory.  I only need be faithful in the little things}