Modest Summer Swimsuit

I can remember my mother emphasizing modesty growing up. She did so in a way that was a bit unconventional in that she sat me down and explained that men were visual beings and how the sight of a woman’s body could have actual physical effects on a man. I think this was smart of her because as I grew older and came to understand the nature of male/female relationships I was clued in to how it all works.  I don’t think I ever made the connection to swimsuits though because I always felt like if everyone was in swimsuits it sort of leveled the playing field.  I’ve worn bikinis throughout the years and am not averse to them, but most recently my style has favored that of the 60’s pre-bikini one-piece.  Watching this video from Jessica Rey, founder of Rey Swimwear, was really interesting to hear the science behind what my Mom had always taught me.  I love her quote that “modesty isn’t about covering up what’s bad, but about revealing dignity”.  It’s awesome to see how she is making modesty hip.  You can find Jessica’s modest summer swimsuit styles {here}


This is my pick for a modest summer swimsuit.  I found it at {Anthropologie}