Mother’s Day 2015

Mother's Day 2015I work full time so I typically blog on Sunday nights, but since this last Sunday was Mother’s Day, I decided to take a break even from blogging. Instead I spent the evening watching the remake of Karate Kid (2010) with Luke and Jeff.  Luke is aiming for his Taekwondo green belt in June so this served up some inspiration for him.  The day was perfectly low-key, after church we went to brunch at our favorite local diner and I had whole grain pancakes with mounds of butter. I opened my presents and cards from my boys in the car and was overjoyed at this gift. You’ll see it in a fashion post coming soon! I Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!

Nordstrom{My favorite gifts come in silver boxes..}

Mother's Day 2015{Shout out to my Mom. I posted this picture on Instagram of her, my brother and I on Mother’s Day, but she deserves a second call out.  My Mom is the incredible woman who instilled all the things in me that I hold most dear- faith, hope and love. I love you Mom! Thank you for being such an incredible rock in my life}