Naked Kitchen

Naked KitchenFor one of my recent client dinners in San Francisco, I was on the hunt for a fun restaurant so I literally Googled “fun places to eat in SF” and came across this Thrillest post on SF’s super secret supper clubs.  I decided to give Naked Kitchen a try and I am so glad I did.  Naked Kitchen hosts pop up and corporate events in a purple 1870 Queen Victorian mansion on Valencia Street in the Mission district of San Francisco.  All of us left saying that this was the most amazing dining experience we have ever had.  That’s saying a lot for a group of advertising folks who dine out often in the best cities in the world.  Chef Andre Villahermosa used to be the sous chef for Michael Mina and had so many wonderful stories to share. Ko Son, the restaurant owner, actually has a background in the tech industry.  Both of them brought such interesting conversation which made for an unforgettable evening.  If you’re looking for a unique client dinner idea in San Francisco, look no further than Naked Kitchen.

Chef's Table

{We had a small gathering so we literally sat around the Chef’s Table in the kitchen and watched Chef Andre prepare and plate each delicious course}

Breaded Mushroom

{appetizers were served over dry ice}

Ko Son

{The owner,  Ko Son, was a gracious host who offered us a tour of the mansion after dinner}

Naked Kitchen Chef and Owner

Salad Ricotta and Beets

{Salad of Ricotta, local organic greens, aged balsamic and beets}

Naked Kitchen Menu


{I usually hate scallops – its a texture thing- but I ate these..they were delicious}

Naked Kitchen view

{Our view from the Chef’s Table}


{the Vanilla ice cream served with this strawberry tart had bourbon in it and tasted heavenly}

Naked Kitchen

{All in, an incredible dining experience}