A Night With Arianna Huffington

A Night with Arianna HuffingtonAOL owns the Huffington Post so I had the unique privilege of being invited to host clients last week at an intimate event with Arianna Huffington where she was talking about her new book, Thrive. I found the focus of her talk and of her book very interesting because it ultimately boils down to the issue of our need to get back to a place of peace within ourselves. In my life, that “place” is prayer and so I filtered what she said through that lens and it really spoke volumes to me. ¬†She spoke of prayer openly and how this generation has more opportunity yet has more anxiety than any other before it and that is due to the abandonment of religion. We have not given the tools, like prayer, to our children and as a result they have nowhere to go to deal with the stresses of their lives and they are more stressed than any other generation.

Night with Arianna

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Arianna Huffington Book Signing

{Arianna signed all of our books}