North Shore Scenic Route

North ShoreWe drove to the North Shore, the epicenter of the surfing world, which is famous for it’s massive waves at Pipeline and the rural heart of Oahu.  It is about an hour and a half drive from Waikiki depending on the route you take and the traffic.  We rented a Jeep Wrangler, which we LOVED, and took the roof off on the way there.  It was Jeff’s 6th or 7th time to the North Shore so he played tour guide for us, which was entertaining.  He was like as excited as a little kid looking forward to Christmas as we got closer and closer to the surf mecca.

North Shore

We loved all of the food trucks in town.

North Shore Food

We had grilled Ono fish tacos at VJ’s.  Delicious.


The World Famous Pipeline

Pipeline Access Road

The access road to the world famous break is literally this little strip of dirt between two houses.  Too bad it only goes off in Winter.. no waves this time of year unless there’s a hurricane.

Food Land

Jeff made me take this picture of the Foodland up the street from Pipeline because it’s where all the famous surfers go to grub.

North Shore

The beautiful coast. We stopped here to see the Halona Blowhole but the tide was way too low so it wasn’t shooting any geyser-like sprays for us. Bummer.

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach for shore breaks.  It’s a sponger’s paradise (sponger is surf lingo for boogie boarder).  Luke was not feeling well so we didn’t just stopped to watch.

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach

Spongers having fun.

North Shore

I’m a sucker for a rocky coastline.  Reminds me of the beaches in New Hampshire


We had a visit from a Cardinal. That was a first I’d ever seen one up close.


North Shore


The drive turned very Jurassic Park- like in Kaneohe.  It didn’t feel real being surrounded by such majestic green mountains.


KaneoheNorth Shore

It started to rain just as we headed back so it ended up being the perfect day for a road trip.