Open Arms

Open ArmsLast Friday Jeff and I attended the annual fundraiser for Open Arms, a local crisis pregnancy resource center near CSUN that we support.  The speaker was Melissa Ohden, a survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion. In 8th grade I wrote a report on abortion, the different types available as well as the devastating effects on the mother and just hearing “saline infusion abortion” recalled horrific images to my mind of babies who were burned alive in the womb.   Melissa does not look like what you would expect a failed saline abortion to look like. Melissa looks just like you and me, which I think is what makes her story so much more powerful.  God is able to use her to show others hurting and in desperate situations with unplanned pregnancies that babies are real people just like you and me.  Melissa’s story is incredible.  Her birthparents were college sweethearts happy and in love, who in the fourth year of their relationship found themselves with an unexpected pregnancy.  They were forced to have an abortion by Melissa’s mother’s mother, a well respected nurse in their community of Sioux Falls Iowa.  Typically a saline infusion abortion takes 72 hours to successfully abort the pregnancy and then the mother goes through the labor process, delivering a dead baby.  Melissa was in the deadly saline solution for 5 days and when she was born still breathing, at her grandmother’s directive she was set aside to die. Two nurses chose to disobey the directive and got Melissa the help she needed, Melissa was adopted and taken home 3 months later perfectly healed.  Her birth mother split up with her father and spent the next 36 years living with the depression that she had killed her baby.  Melissa finally made contact with her birth mother this year and she could not have been more relieved to hear her baby was alive and making such a positive impact in the world for women in crisis pregnancy situations. I was so blessed by her testimony and thank God for places like Open Arms that exist today for women who feel like abortion is their only option.  They offer free ultrasounds and free baby goods and free counseling for both the mother and the father to be.  Thanks to them, there is hope for the hopeless.