Orange Line Dedication

Once upon a time the San Fernando Valley was covered with beautiful orange groves-  See Orcutt Ranch.  Today it is a bustling suburban community.  If it were one city, its population would be 1.75 Million, over half the size of Los Angeles. The commute time of valley residents is 13% longer than the average American, so the city of Los Angeles erected the Orange Line, a busway system inspired by those of Brazil, intended to eventually allow commuters an alternative route to the clogged freeways of Los Angeles.  Friday was the dedication of the Chatsworth Orange Line station which will serve as an important connector point in the grand vision.  My husband was chosen by the city council to open the dedication in prayer and say a few words about how the Orange Line will impact the city from the clergy’s perspective.  He gave an inspiring 2 minute speech about how God partners with men to accomplish his good work, as the Mayor of Los Angeles looked on.

We sat next to this man who flew the last mission out of Japan as an Air Force Pilot in WWII to bring home the last 24 American prisoners of war.  He told of how that flight was in the midst of a monsoon and they were headed for certain death when the sky opened up right above the lights of Manila where he said God guided him to safely land the plane and the men all kissed the ground. He now meets with a group of veterans called “Wings Over Wendys” on Mondays at Platt & Vanowen.

The inaugural bus ride was reminiscent of the movie Speed as it broke through the banner.

The agenda with Welcome by Mayor Villaraigosa and Invocation by Pastor Jeff Fischer.

{Beaming with pride after my husband’s speech}